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cool and vintage guitar and drum catalogs on Seattle CL


There are some mint uncirculated guitar and drum catalogs on the local Seattle Craigslist. Text as follows, and there are some good catalog pics in the ad as well.


Do you own a vintage guitar or amplifier from the golden period of American instrument making?

If you own a 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's or 1970's era guitar or amplifier made by Fender, Gibson, Martin, Guild, Epiphone, Gretsch, National, Oahu or Supro, to name a few of the iconic American manufacturers, at least one of these old vintage catalogs is likely to interest you.

Thirty five years ago, I lucked into a filing cabinet FULL of original guitar catalogs from a closed music shop when the owner passed away. He had the shop from 1950 until 1980 when he retired and put everything into storage. Many of the catalogs in the filing cabinet were never circulated & never distributed! Other were store copies. I left them all in storage until recently when I retired. I've started selling these catalogs to thrilled buyers unable to believe that pristine uncirculated catalogs from the golden years of guitar making can still be found! I still have over 100 original "pre-CBS" Fender catalogs that were stored away 50 years ago and never distributed! Those seem to be the most popular? As you look at the 19 posted pics, these are just a SMALL sample of what's in the treasure trove!

So IF you own a vintage guitar or amplifier made between 1930 and 1980 by one of the classic American builders of this time period, chances are I have the original catalog to complement it! I'm not giving them away. Some of these are a little pricey because condition is everything and many of these are in uncirculated condition. Still, if you have a guitar worth several thousand dollars, it's a SMALL investment to making your guitar more appealing to a buyer in the future and having a point of origin catalog in the case!

Drop me a note with any catalogs that you might like to have and I'll follow up with details and additional pics if needed.


Ooh, there's what appears to be a 1930s catalog that we may not have...


It's a cool stash no doubt

Guess cool depends on what he wants for them.

With so much stuff on CD -- that's good enough for people who just want the info and see what they looked like.

True collector types would pay more for the real in-print deal.


And the 1939 Gretsch catalog sold immediately and the seller didn't save any pictures. But he did kindly point me in the direction of the same catalog on eBay. And at that price, I think it will be staying on eBay.


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