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Confessions of a Guitar Hoarder


Ten. A couple of them are unplayable that I've only held onto for sentimental reasons, like my father-in-laws 1930s Silvertone.

I'd like to hear from a guitar hoarder like Jim Irsay.

Seeing this thread's title, I've often wondered what's happened to Cam's collection.

– wabash slim

I was doing my usual trolling a week or so ago and saw a BillyBo that looked like Cam’s. Sure enough. Check out guitarhangar.com in Brookfield, CT. They have six of his guitars currently for sale: BillyBo, Penguin, 2 Fenders, a Les Paul and a Ric.

Now back to this thread. I have 15 or 16 plus our daughter has a few. She basically only plays one whereas I play ten of them to some degree and keep thinking that it’s time to downsize. But then again I’m trolling everyday.

My daughter recently asked me if she could have my guitars once I die. I thought that this was a great easy solution and said okay as long as she understood that I would assign a dollar value to them and give that amount to our son. He has no interest in guitars. She said “Oh”. So it’s back to the drawing board again. I told her to think about one, maybe two guitars that she might want. That seems more realistic as I try to figure out what to do.


Just one more ,till next time.


Have owned more guitars than I can remember, but I keep trading/selling to finance the next “gotta have”. If I were to be kind, I would describe my behaviour as “catch and release”. The reality, though, is more like OCD on a limited budget LOL.

As a consequence, I have always been a “consecutive collector”. A wealthier version of me would have way too many guitars. Today, this OCD consecutive collector has 4 electrics, 2 acoustics, 2 amps.


After watching YouTube videos that delve into some pro players' collections, from home vaults to huge storage lockers, it's inspiring to see old legends like Jeff Beck, or Eric Clapton, have relatively modest collections. They bond with their best tools and keep them in play. All those guys, it seems. Something to aspire to even as an amateur.

Guitars are decidedly my indulgence, but one I'm pretty aware of.

For decades, while I was building my freelance career, restoring my homes and raising 2 kids, I only had an Ovation Elite acoustic, and my '84 USA Stratocaster, both of which I still own and occasionally play.

When I finally made it through most of that I started making up for lost time, starting with a Gibson SG '61. I also discovered Gretsch guitars a little late and have been enjoying an infatuation for them. Now I own way more Gretsch guitars than Gibsons, Epiphones or Fenders.

For me it's mainly having access to a broad palette and tones to suit the music I want to explore and pursue. Next, it's simply how beautiful they are to look at. I enjoy having several guitars out, either hanging or on stands. Their very presence invites play. Lastly, there is the thrill of the hunt. I won't buy something just to flip it, but I will sometimes lean into a great deal with the knowledge that I can later sell it for at least what I paid.

I wasn't actively seeking my White Falcon, but when a local seller lists one for $1800, I either jump on it joyfully or kick myself later. No regrets should be had.


About 10-12 years ago I had 10 electrics, 3 acoustics and 4 amps. I've made a concerted effort to downsize over the last decade -- mainly so that my wife doesn't "get stuck" with them if I "check out" before her.

Today I have 3 Gretsch electrics and a Martin D42. 2 amps -- a Standel 25L15 which I can't seem to part with and a Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight with headphones which gets the most use. All get good/regular use.


19 at the moment,and none of them get played well regularly !

I keep 5 out and rotate 2,i usually rotate them once a month but sometimes i let it go another month.

I too, hunt for deals everyday,but i'm very good at not buying them, until that special something appears,but even then i dither and mostly lose out...


I keep telling myself that I'm going to scale down. But then I scale up. I've never had more than 20 or so around at any time. Most are from a time in my life when I could reduce taxes on my gigging income by buying gear.

– JBGretschGuy

Same here, like many my threshold has been around 10-12 at any given time. And when I scale down, it creeps back up somehow. I have scaled back on amps though, and that feels like a good thing.

I normally avoid declaring gigging income, so I don't use the cost of gear as deductions, although I have fudged them in some years. I hope the IRS isn't listening, but when someone puts a lil' bit of cash in my hand at a gig, I just shove it in my pocket and ~ whoops~ I forget where it came from. Silly me, I know.

I like the idea of gifting instruments to music programs, young players, and what not. I haven't done it yet, but I might someday.

And I certainly don't mean to cast a stone with that word "hoarding" — far from it. To each his own, 1 or 150, I say.


I've had 12 guitars around in the past, then i got married and started a business so scaled back to one, then as business got good got more...

Now I have only what will fit into my guitar closet in my office, and unfortunately I like big guitars. :-O So I have six guitars, and since my dad died 18 months ago and i got my amazing Les Paul I don't feel the need for anything more. No, really! I have six fabulous guitars - 3 Gibsons, 2 Gretsches and a Strat and I honestly don't feel the need for any more. And the guitars I have are so good that I feel that if I can't get it done with these then what sort of guitarist am I? Those I have are "dream guitars" for me. Not collectors pieces or vintage or rare particularly, but simply excellent examples of what they are.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have what I have. A great guitar is a wonderful thing. And I have six.


These are the ones I play regularly. My house is a toy box.


I've got just enough - 8 electric, 4 basses, 2 acoustics, and one Epiphone B-5 1948-ish standup bass.


Got a lot of guitars and need to sell some because it's silly to own this many but I dislike messing with selling them....so they've accumulated. I just don't like the hassle associated with it all.


According to some of my friends I seem to qualify as a guitar hoarder, and I think they might be right. I have about twenty. In my first decade of guitar playing I was only interested in Gretsch guitars and that was before they introduced the cheaper Electromatic line. So I seemed to have an expensive taste and it took a long time of saving my paper-round money to get my first Gretsch a 6120-60. I played that guitar for years and I got the chance to pick up an Annie to use for a backup a few years later. Those guitars got me through my college years and after that I got I job which to me meant more guitar-money. About that time the internet got bigger and bigger and it got easier to find second hand deals. I got up to nine Gretsch guitars over the years and then I got interested in other brands as well. So now there also are a couple of Tele's, a Les Paul, Epiphone acoustic, a couple of Guilds, an SG etc. Most Gretsches got played until they needed some work done which at the time I neglected. But I started to get to that recently. I also started building guitars so the numbers will be adding up and there's nothing wrong with that. I like guitars even when they don't get much play time. I can look at guitars the same as looking at paintings so I don't mind having them hanging on my wall.


I have seven currently.

My acoustic (my first guitar, had it since grade 8), four 6-string electrics, one 12-string electric and my bass.

I can see myself adding two or three more. Sooner or later I'll be adding a Danelectro Long Horn bass. One of these days there'll be a VS '62 Tenny (may trade in my 5420 towards it though) and of course I'll probably need a 6120 at some point.

But... we need to move. We downsized, moving from a three-bedroom to a one-bedroom apartment and then I added four guitars in the last two years and my wife got a synth. We're kind of running out of room.


Hoarder is somewhat hard to define, it's a sliding scale, right?

I'm not going to bother to quantify or list what I've got - at this point I call myself a guitar player, and I've got a bunch of instruments that I can play (or kind of play, I only CALL myself a guitar player).

In my instant mental definition, a guitar "hoarder" would have guitars stacked up on top of each other, crushing each other with their own weight with no regard to their safety.

In an alternate universe (actually reality) where my fiancee doesn't care how many guitars I own, I conversely don't care about how many pairs of shoes she owns. How many guitars can you play at one time? I don't know, how many pairs of shoes can you wear at one time? She told me I'm not allowed to sell at least one of them. Does that means she's hoarder-adjacent?

Is Billy Gibbons a "hoarder" or is he a "collector"? I vote the latter. I'm much smaller scale though. That makes my fiancee "collector-adjacent".


The next question for me is, "How many guitar CASES are in your homestead".

Guitars themselves don't take up half as much room as these damn cases.


I have 9...every time I've sold or traded a really cool guitar I end up wishing I still had it. I've got 2 Gretsch 6120's from the 1950's....Fenders include a May 1964 Strat, & a '73 Tele...and from Gibson one of the first ES-340's built....and acoustics...a 1966 J-45, a '68 B-25....and a huge 1963 B-45-12....all on hooks on the wall. I'm gigging with a newer Les Paul flame top.

I wail when I think of all my former great guitars....I had a minty '68 Byrdland, a 68 SG Standard, a '64 Tennessean, '68 ES-335, and dozens of others....(wah wah wah!)

BUT.... you can't have them ALL....and they were made to be played.


Cases....OMG! Uh...8....9 guitars...8 cases. Of the cases I have 3 cool Gretsch boxes....all OLD...a tweed, a 50's cowboy case and a snowflake....all 6120 size (my Gibson J-45 fits neatly into the snowflake case)...my '64 Fender Strat has an original white case....all the cases are under my pool table, Only the little B-25 doesn't have a good case...its kinda small...


How about Picks? I've been using picks made of wooly mammoth ivory...so they're like 30,000 years old.... (no mammoths were injured in the making of these picks)... mine are hand made by Boneyard Alaska...but I've got bowls full of picks...plastic, metal (steel & copper), stone, all kinds of stuff....


How about Picks? I've been using picks made of wooly mammoth ivory...so they're like 30,000 years old.... (no mammoths were injured in the making of these picks)... mine are hand made by Boneyard Alaska...but I've got bowls full of picks...plastic, metal (steel & copper), stone, all kinds of stuff....

– LightninLane

In Canada we can buy our milk in bags. Which come with a plastic clip like you find on the bag for a loaf of bread so... get groceries, get milk and bread... two free picks! Yay!


so you buy a guitar pick and get a free bag of milk....awesome!

guitars pic...

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