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Welcome Back General Lee!


I went to the music store and checked a bunch out. I ended up with a TC Electronic Forcefield. Didn't add any of that common mid-bump thing that almost every type of guitar pedal seems to do to me, and did everything that I (currently) want! 49 bucks too! Love it!


Agree with Baba Joe!!

Welcome back, General Lee!!! Great to see you here again!!


I have a bunch, but these are my favorites.


I have a bunch, but these are my favorites.

– Billy Zoom

Wow! Can I come over?


Looks cool Billy but I can't see the footswitches. I have the same problem with mine


Joking aside, I like the Origin Effects Cali76 a lot - mostly because it doesn't sound/feel much like stomp box compression and behaves more like decent studio style compression.

I guess much depends on where your perceived need for compression stems from.

Some use them as a corrective tools for an amp that's incompatible with your playing style/sonic taste, pickups that are in need of balancing/adjustment and or unrefined playing technique.

Sometimes a touch of compression brings out the finer detail in the tone and sits the guitar better in the mix without leaving a distinct sonic footprint.

Or you can use compression as a clear and obvious effect to slam transients and even generate sustain.

Clearly I'm using broad brushstrokes here, but perhaps for some of us it might help to consider why we want/need a compressor and then choose the device or devises that best address those requirements.


I've been using an MXR Dyna-Comp with a volume pedal for a very long time.I like the tones I get,but since everything is the same volume I gotta have a way to back it off when I need to get quiet.One thing I got from having a VP paired with the Dyna-Comp is during quiet passages I can back way off and beat my guitar to within an inch of its life without getting in anyone's ears.Really powers up a song!

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