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Coflex Implant (or putting the spring back in my step)


I'm scheduled for a coflex implant Thursday on my L4 and L5 vertebrae. Anyone else had this done and if so what was your outcome and back to normal time? I've tried everything short of surgery and this seems to me way better than a fusion.For the curious here's a linky Link


Man, that video made my toes curl, watching that gizmo being hammered into place. Yikes.

I don't have any experience to share, but Best Wishes for a good outcome!


Oooof! ANd Ouch!

I've had L5-S1 disc dissection but nothing that invasive. I hope it all goes well for you.


Best of luck to you. I hope it turns out well.


I’m assuming it’s minimally invasive - one entry point from the back? And relieving pressure on two disks? Interesting, going to look at it further tomorrow. Good luck on Thursday, I’m sure it will all go well.


Thanks for all the kind wishes ! It will be minimally invasive, maybe a two inch incision. I chose to travel out of town as the three hospitals near me don't offer it. I've heard nothing but good things about the Dr doing it, and my PT has seen positive results from his patients that have had this done. I know doctors that have sent their own families to this guy, so I'm reasonably confident, if not a bit nervous. I mean what could go wrong (please,I don't want to know!) ? Long day today, have to drive two hours for pre op checkup, then tomorrow I'll get up at dawn for the trip to the hospital. They normally keep you overnight then boot ya to the door. I'll be glad when this time next week arrives!


Best to ya. I hope it goes well. I'm sure it will , if this guy has done enough of them.


Good luck with the procedure, Opie, I hope it affords you some relief. I haven't had this particular procedure, but I've heard good things about it. Best wishes for a successful operation, and a speedy recovery.


Update from recovery room. The surgery went well, very little pain. I’m getting by with just a muscle relaxant, and probably could do without. I see the sawbones today and hopefully will be booted to the curb. He told my wife that recovery would be 8-10 weeks rather than six as my bones were softer than expected. Probably decades of taking Prilosec with my NASADs has lead to malabsorption of calcium, though I’ve yet to convince a Dr. that’s what caused it. Last night my pain level was less than I normally have, so I’m hopeful that this may do the trick. The only down side is absolutely no lifting of more than 5 lbs for the recovery period. I hope one of my nylons passes muster, I’m already jonesing to play.


Good news Opie. Best wishes.


I'm late to the party, but very interested in your experience. I'm glad to know that the surgery went well. You're a brave man, but I certainly hope all goes well, as I could use a little less pain and a little more spring to my step as well.

Thanks for sharing.


Great news, Opie! It sounds like they've decompressed the right nerves. I wish you the best of luck in your your recovery. It will be tempting to exceed your limitations, especially after a couple of weeks. Stay the course, and take it easy. I'm confident that you will have a much better quality of life now.


Well,looks like one more nights stay at fun central. The drain level is a scoosh more than what they want to see. It’s all good, my back hasn’t had this much relief in at least two years. Other than the incision, I don’t notice anything, and even the incision is nothing. I’ve had splinters hurt more. I’ll give updates as I get farther along the recovery road and let you guys know how the implants are doing. Thanks for all the get well wishes !


So glad to hear. This seems to be working for you.

Get well soon.


I’m on my way home. My pain level went up enough last night that I took 1/2 of one pain pill, but I only took it so I could sleep. They say it’s completely normal, reckon the cut sections are recommunicating with each other. It feels so liberating to be able to walk around without feeling like my backbone is a chew toy at the dog pound. My biggest hurtle at this point is putting the brakes on any tendency to overdo things.


Good for you, Opie...take your time and take it easy.

Avoid lifting your Marshall stack into the back of your Station Wagon for a while...

Did you have the surgery at Shands?


Great Opie - The Coflex part looks impressive. (But definitely be nice to yourself and have others do any heavy lifting for a while.)


Sounds like so far so good Opie. Listen to what the doc and PT's say, and you'll be good to GO GO GO.


Good for you, Opie...take your time and take it easy.

Avoid lifting your Marshall stack into the back of your Station Wagon for a while...

Did you have the surgery at Shands?

– Twangmeisternyc

No,had to drive over to Jacksonville to have it done at Weaver Tower in Baptist Medical Center. I'm quite familiar with both Shands and North Fl Regional,but no one in Gainesville does coflex implants. I gotta tell ya, the facility I was in was first rate, without the hecticness of those other two. Seemed a much quieter paced place, with a lot more room than you get at those other two.


Best wishes for a full recovery, Opie! Sounds like you'll be rockin' out soon.


Best of luck, Opie. Sounds like everything has gone very well. That's a good omen. Cheers!

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