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Cocaine left me flat..


Haha Ruger! FWIW I don't care for the White stripes at all - they just seemed a bit gimmicky for me. Jack White looks like he's channeling Johnny Depp in his Edward Scissorhands days.

But I really like the Black Keys - didn't at first. After a while though I grew to enjoy the guitar sounds - so un-guitar hero!

Now when i listen to later Led Zep it all sounds so clumsy and heavy handed. I like big drums as much as the next guy but if you're playing a faster shuffle then sometimes you should back off on the massive reverb... I dunno - it all sounds a bit laboured. And when I first hear Since I've been Loving You I loved it. Maybe I listened to it too much but it seems way too self-indulgent and precious to me now.

Funny thing is that I've gone back to enjoying me some early ZZ Top - does that make sense?? No, I didn't think so. I think it's that they kept the irreverent side of the blues which I enjoy. Plus the guitar sounds are crazy. The main album I like is something like "The Best of ZZ Top - 10 top Texas Tales" or something like that. It's a brilliant compilation with not a dud on it. Jesus Just Left Chicago, I Heard it on the X, Just Got Paid... Fab.


ZZ is the shit. Even the 80s stuff, because despite their use of popular technology, the songs still grooved and kicked ass, and THE BEST videos of the era.

I will always have a crush on the girl in the "Legs" video LOL

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