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Clip-on Headstock Tuners


If it's about space on your pedalboard, what else is on it besides the tuner?


There's an entire generation of guitarists who play out of tune because of those danged things. (Maybe I've been teaching for too long.)

I use a Snark on stage, in vibration mode, only because it is usually noisy in the clubs or I dont want to annoy the audience by tuning out loud, which I do often. But....I certainly remove it from the headstock as soon as I'm done; Tavo and BZ are right. I think there's something wrong with my guitars though; they said they tuned them at the store.....


If it's about space on your pedalboard, what else is on it besides the tuner?

– Gerry Ratrod

It's really about how many leads I have coming off my power supply (Fuel Tank Chameleon), more than physical room on the board.


In my opinion, I think headstock tuners are for acoustic guitars, played acoustically, and are excellent for that function. I especially like them when I'm recording an acoustic guitar and can tune easily as a result.

For any live setting where you are electronically amplified , nobody should really have to pay to hear you tune mid set if you need to do so, especially not to save room on a pedal board, so a pedal tuner that cuts the signal to your amp while you are tuning is best.

Also if you have a cool guitar they do look goofy...however I often clip a capo on the headstock of one of my old gretsch's live.

For the most part I look at most of my gear for use in live applications.

– Toxophilite

I see a lot of pros on television using Snarks. To tune silently, there's always the volume control on the guitar.


I have a Super Snark that I like very well.


I have a Super Snark that I like very well.

– farmerbrown

So do I, Don. I don't find them, being black, particularly noticeable when performing. I use them on my electrics as well as on my acoustics. With the digital display pointed at you, not the audience, I don't get this need to hear your tuning exercise? As has been mentioned already, just turn your volume off while tuning.


Yeah, I use one of those red, Snark ST's as well... I just lower the volume and get that thing in tune! However, I only use it during some rehearsals, when I don't like (or need) to haul around my pedalboard.

I'd rather be in tune and sound good for the audience, than to care what people think, regarding its looks.

Hell... I have a pink guitar ffs! And that thing feels and sounds amazing. I could care less about the color; that guitar has its place in my toolbox --- just like that Snark tuner.

All in all, it's a cool product --- works great!


I've get several of several different makers and styles. One thing that I look for on any of them is protection for your headstock. Some are only bare plastic and the spring is strong and could cause a mark. Others like Snark are padded and protect a bit better. I never leave them on, I find them distracting and well...so I'm vain, cosmetically unacceptable tagged onto a headstock.


Snarks work great. Alot better than a tuning fork or that Pitch Pipe kazoo you blow in.


They look stupid.

– Billy Zoom

BZ for the win.


They look stupid.

– Billy Zoom

BZ for the win.


I picked up an ST-8 and it definitely beats the "Son of Snark" cube. Super fast detection and accuracy. Thanks all, all good information!


I have a Delta for the acoustic when I play it acoustically. I have tuners in the Helix or on my pedalboard when playing a gig.


i've used other folks' clip-ons occasionally, but find the displays more difficult to read than a tuning pedal especially in daylight. i've also seen more than one headstock with a little dent in the face exactly the size of a tuner clip which was presumably in place when the guitar fell over.


I like the Planet Waves NS micro.

But I DON’T like the Korg Pichclip

It doesn’t pick up vibrations very well and isn’t very accurate.



I tried a Snark (despite thinking it looked stupid) and it seemed pretty handy, until it fell apart on me. I contacted Snark and they sent replacement parts out for free, but then they fell apart — on installation!

Has anyone else had the problem with one falling apart?


They pick up vibrations so well, I could tell what key my drummers drums weren’t in!

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