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Clifton James Has Died…Do You Know Him?


The legend Clifton James has passed away. Well into his 90s, he was always a favorite of mine. And, yes, you do know him.

An actor best known for his portrayals of Southern sheriffs. Played one in SUPERMAN II but will always be known for his perfect characterization of the redneck, overweight sheriff from a Louisiana parish...Sheriff J.W. Pepper as seen in the 007 films LIVE AND LET DIE and THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Best part of James' performance was that James so perfectly captured the Southern sheriff...yet James was a lifelong New Yorker! While filming LIVE AND LET DIE, real Southern lawmen visited the set and fell in love with James' work. They all were amazed and amused at how well James nailed a parish Sheriff. Even more stunned when they found out Clifton James was a New Yorker.

James also played the Southerner Carr ("spend a night in the box") in COOL HAND LUKE. He was always interesting whenever you saw him in a film.


Blessings to those who pass. I do remember Clifton James.

Allan Holdsworth as well...



He's got nothing on Zardoz, does he, Thunderball?


ZARDOZ was a very bad film. I have gone back and watched it thinking maybe I was missing things...it was actually worse than I first thought. Great star (Connery), great director (John Boorman, DELIVERANCE), and yet they came up with one of the worst films ever made.

And I don't know why you brought up THUNDERBALL. Great film to be sure, and would be a good name for a guitar; but why bring up THUNDERBALL?


He strongly resembled my father-in-law who was a prominent sheriff's posse member. He never saw the resemblance but every one else sure did. We howled through Silver Streak at Sheriff Chauncey. What made it even funnier is that he was a long time member of a Sheriff's Posse/Jeep Patrol so we had pictures of him in uniform to bring the similarity even closer.

Clifton James made a great rural Sheriff.


He was in "Lone Star," a really good John Sayles movie.

Check out his credits!




He's got nothing on Zardoz, does he, Thunderball?

– Bonedaddy

The only thing remotely interesting about Zardoz was his Webley revolver.... How you get one of those in the dystopian future???


Connery retired from film after "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen". It was high art compared to Zardoz.

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