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Thanks Hermitt. I didn't realize they had more than one. Now that I know the names of these albums I'll check with a couple of the bookstores and music stores in Winnipeg to see if I can order "The Ventures Christmas Album". I remember hearing them do "Sleigh Ride" on the radio years ago. Always loved that song. Seasons Greetings...

BTW, how is Piggy behaving these days?

– General_Lee

The Pignose "Piggy" is sounding fabulous thanks to your generous electro-harmonix contribution, General! We thank you wholeheartedly!


John Fahey's "Christmas Guitar" album is one of my favorites. Apparently it was a favorite of Mr. Fahey's, too . . . I think he recorded two or three versions of that record. One sample:

And Bruce Cockburn's Christmas album gets a lot of play in our house (not sure if this link will work, but let's try):


My favorite Christmas songs are the ones by the old masters like Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, etc. I listen to a varied mix of Christmas music on the radio where 105.9 plays nothing but Christmas music from Nov. 1 through January 1, and on the Holiday radio program on our cable, and I hear a lot of newer stuff by some artists I don't even recognize that I like, but the classics are still my favorites.

I guess that is because it is what I grew up with. My mom loved Christmas, so of course, my father hated it. I'm glad I got my mom's love of Christmas. We keep it real. It is not about the gifts but our celebration of the birth of Jesus and the love of family and friends. We could use a lot more peace on earth and good will towards all.

The year has been a rough one for my entire family financially so there isn't a lot of material stuff under the tree, but there's a ton of love.

Enjoy the entire album...


When I grew up in the 40s and 50s, we didn't have too many Christmas records.

My Mom played Piano and we kids kinda roughly sang along, .....but I mostly remember the Christmas pageants we put on at school.

The Wife brought a couple of Christmas albums into the Family and I had my Chet Atkins Christmas album which ran like non-stop from Thanksgiving til new years every year, till the Great Hurricane Floods of 04.


Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas

Jimmy Smith - Christmas 64 (the original release title of Christmas Cookin')

Bobby Darin - The 25th Day of December

Some other more recent ones that I also like : Aaron Neville (only 20 years old! , Hillbilly Casino, She & Him, and Pentatonix.


My, oh my do I NEVER tire of looking at album covers for The Ventures records.

I'll be listening to a lot Vince Guaraldi this season. I always do.

I'm also quite fond of the Phil Spector Christmas recordings. I'm due for some Wall of Sound.

The Beach Boys Christmas album is a favorite around the house too.



downloading this now, these kids kick holiday butt..Gary Hoey is so 5 minutes ago.


I never could get into Christmas music, just not my thing.


Not even the Smithereens Christmas album?

My two faves the past few years have been:

Clarence Carter's "Back Door Santa", because that is one greasy groove.


Old 97s "Here it is ChristmasTime", just because it rings so much truer than so many christmas songs.


I never could get into Christmas music, just not my thing.

– Bonedaddy

I call bull!! You are an evangelic catholic, you know you love the sacred holiday hymns done Gaelic


As much as I love the Smithereens, I can't dig the Christmas music. I dunno, the false sappiness maybe? Although, my wife has been playing some internet radio site that's all in French and that's been pretty cool, maybe because I can only catch every third word


I call bull!! You are an evangelic catholic, you know you love the sacred holiday hymns done Gaelic

– TheNocturneBrain

That's actually quite listenable, thanks for the heads up on that


I wuz sittin' there at a Concert in Ann Arbor one day an' I thought to meself: Ya know; the Classical Masters did somma their best stuff writtin' Ecumenical/Liturgical Church Tunes.

....they seemed to save their best stuff to glorify Their God.


I almost posted those myself, Billy.

I also enjoy the Duane Eddy christmas songs. That's a hint, Deed.

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