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Chris Hillman and Tom Petty


Great display of admiration and respect and truly a great sign of personal bridges built because of music and the love of creating it.


great pairing..hillman and petty!!! as good as mcguinn and marty stuart and fab-supers...classic

looking forward to hearing the tracks they cut



Hillman: Ground zero for 60s folk rock, 70s country rock, 80s supercharged electric Desert Rose Band... and then back to West coast bluegrass, where it all began for him.


The more this passing is sinking in, the sadder it becomes.

I try to take comfort in these final projects completed, in his mighty catalogue of inspirational and honest work, in the huge respect and affection that mighty pioneers of rock n roll held him in. This latest Chris Hillman album was such an exciting prospect for me that, in a moment of characteristic over-reach, I sent a song to Chris for his consideration. Declined with such exceptional good grace, it still felt like a victory.

It's hard for any of us to take in, it must be impossibly awful for those who were really close to Tom Petty.


Thanks, Deed: looks like another must buy album.

Edit: make that a just bought album.


Here's an interview his neighbor Garry did a few years ago. Really get a feel for the man.Link

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