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Cause I’m excited…That’s why!


Okay, I don't normally post about a local show anymore but this one is very exciting, for us.

Our city puts on a yearly event that normally coincides with the Nashville Roundup. I have wanted to get our band on the lineup for years but that just doesn't work. Me? Miss the Roundup? No way!

Anyway! It's this Saturday in my little corner of Indiana and it's free. Normally @ 2-3000 people attend.

edit: The city is Evansville,In.


Sounds like a great day out. Wish I could go.

I hope you have someone to record it. I’ve wanted to see and hear Top Dead Center sense I heard you sing at a Roundup some years ago.


Well here ya go. Not live but I do have some live videos on the tube...


Good video. Congrats on the show.


Awesome, Dave!

Congrats to the band, and I hope it's a success all around!


Great song, singing and playing. Original tune?


Great song, singing and playing. Original tune?

– Hoot Owl

Yes sir. I have enough original music to do a 3 1/2 hr show on all originals...and thanks for the kind words.


Very cool, Dave - congrats! Great tune, too!


You had me at food trucks and free admission.


Well here ya go. Not live but I do have some live videos on the tube...

– Suprdave

That was great but be careful of that multi pointed guitar sticking someone somewhere. It might explain your cut pants...


Good luck, Dave! Break a Leg! (Not literally, of course.)


We couldn't have had a prettier day and our best show ever, was what we were told.


Nothing like having fun making music in the sun! Is that a White Falcon?


Yes! Hell Yeah! Had to bring the Falcon! Thanks, Dave.


Congrats, bud!!!!

LUV the vid too!


Good stuff, Dave. Band sounds great, well-arranged and performed song.

Shoulda woulda gone to the show, but was otherwise occupied. Glad it went well - and that the security barricade in front of the band kept stage-rushing to a minimum!

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