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I don’t know if any of you watch the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but its 1960 and they introduced a female bass player this season named Carol. One guess who she’s loosely based on.


Love that show. I totally forgot that the new season was upon us.


Hmmm , missed that show . Wild guess- Carol Kaye ? Nice glasses .


nice to see carol k finally getting some mainstream attention..shrouded or otherwise...treasure that she is...

she's also featured in & on cover of recent book

and in dano/cusack brian wilson film, they call her out by name

well deserving..one of the all time greats



Much as I love Carol, I have to say I thought of someone else as the model for this character. An actress who was everywhere in the 60's, particularly if Jack Webb had anything to do with it, was Virginia Gregg. Usually tart-tongued, her characters did not suffer fools (or police officers) easily. Her IMDB credit list shows more than 200 roles over her career.

The expression on the face above simply spoke to me that the actress was channelling the late Ms Gregg, and evidenced by this appearance in "Dragnet" back in 1967.


I love the Mrs. Maisel series. Last year I watched the whole series in two nights. I'm going at it a little slower this year.

I also admire Carol Kay who worked mostly on the west coast.

I keep and eye out.



Only watched the first episode of season three so far, the other night. Like Lee, going a little slower with this season than the past two. The series is worth watching for the art direction alone. Looking forward to the episode(s) with "Carol" ! Thanks for the heads up!


Seriously. For anyone who hasn't seen this show. If you can, It's well worth it.

Thanks for the heads up on the movie, Neatone. I wasn't aware of it. I'll have to check it out.

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