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Car related; any Porsche enthusiasts?


Sweet! I picked up a six speed manual 99 911 Carrera 4 last summer. Lovin it. I put a ski and bike rack on it and sold my old Subaru.

Enjoy the 928!


Sweet, Paul. Congrats and happy motoring.


Well I did it!

– Setzer

That's fantastic! Bet that drive home was a 7th heaven!


Paul, maybe you already know of these resources, but if not, and if you do your own maintenance, Pelican Parts is a good source of both parts and information and the Rennlist forums have a lot of good information, too. Anyway, congratulations on getting a very cool car.


Well worth the wait, I hope. Congrats!


Congrats. Cool getting a dream car.


I love the Boxer. But just too much. I bought a 2016 Mini Cooper S. Six speed manual. Four door because I had to. It is the Cats meow. 195hp 0-60 in 6.6. Good luck Setzer. You have the roads to open her up!


Congrats! My family car is a Macan. Looks like a small SUV, but with 350 HP, there are very few cars that I can't beat off a light!


Thanks guys, I'm loving this thing! It's not without its issues, cosmetic and electrical, but I'm in it for the long haul. I'll post some more when I get settled in.

Thanks again for the well wishes and links/info!!!


Very cool Paul !


As mentioned, Pelican Parts is great. Also, check out Suncoast and Autohaus AZ. Both good resources as well. Check out rennlist.com and some of the other forums. There's a wealth of knowledge out there. Welcome to the club, now that you've really been bitten, it's an addiction hard to cure.


That looks like a really nice one, Paul! Congratulations. I had a 944 about 20 years ago. I loved it, even though it killed my bank account. (just like many women in my life)


Love it, Paul.

Here's what my '83 911SC (targa/whaletail) looked like.


Paul- Congrats on the 928! Yours looks like the twin to one owned by a guy I worked with. This picture is from Porsche show during Monterey car week 2014.

Bob- You dog! Cool 911! Bet you wish you still had that!


My 996 C2 911 Cabriolet. I love this thread


Phone Dial wheels are still the coolest wheel design ever.


Thank you fellas! Love the phone dial style too!

Got it legal today with a new tag. Drove it this afternoon on a small graphics install job. This thing is a pleasure to drive and it will get on down the road!


You're going to just like it more and more as time goes by. I never get tired of admiring the lines of mine.


Hey BD, is that JAX?


Hey BD, is that JAX?

– Setzer

Setzer, no, that was up in San Francisco, a few years ago before I moved back home to Jax. Our little down town pales in comparison, but we've got better beaches and the St. John's river. Ha!

Only pics I have of car AND Jax is in my driveway


Most of our humble downtown area.


Loving this machine! I'm driving it daily and working on it weekends


Mostly electrical issues and some interior bits. It's so much fun to drive!

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