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Canada vs United States for the gold medal….IIHF tournament


Let's not mince words, Windsordave. I don't care about hockey but every 4 years we are reminded about the hockey culture in Canada, so yes, I do get that. But because you wrote some nonsense about "where were you when..." and didn't just leave it at that but injected those two tragedies and then followed it up with a lame disclaimer because you were too lazy to go back and rephrase your original thought, the onus is on you.

– razzer10_4

No it isn't. Both my posts carefully explained what I defined as defining moments. Your remark about not caring about hockey is irrelevant to this discussion. And it was critically important to my "where were you when...." to cite examples otherwise there wouldn't be any relevant context.

I most certainly wasn't "too lazy to go back and rephrase your original thought". The fact that I further fleshed out for you, the point I was making with my OP and you still don't grasp either my point or the careful use of the various examples brings the discussion to an end. Your stand alone comment should let you know where your opinion stands here. To quote Ron White: "You can't fix......."

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