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Canada vs United States for the gold medal….IIHF tournament


I know us sports fans here in Canada are paying huge attention to this annual tournament, this year again hosted by Canada. Remember, hockey in Canada is a religion.

Our Juniors just beat the Swedes so it's on big time between the Canucks & the Yanks for bragging rights and the gold medal. Like the junior version of the Olympics with Canada vs the US on a couple of occasions, twice of which we won the gold, once in your country, once in ours.

BTW, Crosby's overtime winning goal in the 2010 Olympics here in Vancouver is the equivalent of the 'where were you when....' moment of President Kennedy being shot, and more recently the Twin Towers coming down. Another BTW concerning the Towers, everyone in Canada knows where they were when that happened too. Just as sad for us.

Any coverage available in the US for this tournament? Maybe with the US in the gold medal game this one game tomorrow will get coverage on one of the ESPN channels. Maybe you can get it on TSN online.

No predictions from me but one thing's for certain......it's going to be a war!! These two teams absolutely hate each other.


I could watch much of it because I'm still in a hotel getting settled in but I saw it on TSN. Now I have to look for the TV schedule.


NHL Network in USA...hoping for another option besides using my tablet.


It'll be a war for sure. In the round robin game there was a bit of taunting going on between these teams. The Sweden-Canada game was played at a frenetic pace. We'll likely see the same tonight.

Did anyone else see the Swede players grabbing Canadian visors after the whistle? I had a whole bucket of expletives to fire at the TV.


I don't even know what month the Crosby goal was in.


If Ben Franklin had gotten his way, my previous post might have looked more like this.

As for hockey, I've only gone to games for the last few years after a Canadian friend started taking my wife and I to UW Badger games. After American Football, I now actually find it about the most engaging team sport to watch. But I'd never heard of the IIHF tournament until this thread.


In what world do you live in that someone scoring a goal in a hockey tournament is comparable to two major tragedies in history? Sorry but I feel that was a very, very poor comparison.


All tied...2-2

Ils ont fait match nul avec le dernier point.


Three penalties in a row...Ouch!

Canada gets another...


It's a very good game. The refs are a little more fair to Canada than the U.S. But Canada isn't scoring on the Power Play.

I think the Canadian goalie is fading.

They don't still go to the shoot-out in the these international games? I remember that loss to Finland, that was a national tragedy.


Hard to say if a Shoot Out is a fitting ending...But, for sure, everyone is getting tired...


Yeah, they aren't designed to do 80 minutes.

Hart vs Parsons

First up USA White...goes glove, but it's stopped. Strome...not high enough. Keller, gloved. Barzal wide on the backhand. Bellows...gloved. Jost, the goalies are hot! Terry snipes it in the long side. Cirelli backhand, denied. USA, Bracco for the win...no. Canada, Roy to keep it going...no.

USA #1


USA wins...

I'll need to look for a Replay on one of the Sports channels we have here.


It killed me...I watched the whole damn game including overtime at the Marriott down the street including overtime. I left to go to my hotel to watch the shootout in the room at my hotel(should've stayed but was running one hell of a food and bar tab) only find out the channel that had played it the other night was not showing.

Hell of a game. I missed the shootout. Neither team deserved to lose but glad team U.S.A. won.


In what world do you live in that someone scoring a goal in a hockey tournament is comparable to two major tragedies in history? Sorry but I feel that was a very, very poor comparison.

– razzer10_4

You don't understand the big picture do you? In no way whatsoever did one thing I say try to compare a hockey game with two major tragedies! Both US tragedies are distinguishable beyond the tragedies themselves as defining moments in history where the people know where they were and what they were doing when one of these moments occurred.

In Canada, as I mentioned and you ignored, both tragedies were felt equally in our country. Hockey is a religion in Canada and we rarely host an Olympics. We did in 2010, hosting the Winter Olympics and Canada earned its way into the premier event of any Olympics, the gold medal hockey game. That game was the most anticipated and then watched program in the history of television in this country. Making it that much more anticipated was that the opponents were the US. This elevated the importance of the game for Canadians. Canada won the game and the gold medal but it had to go to overtime to be decided. This was a significant event in Canadian history and as such became for us, one of those defining moments where everyone knows where they were when they watched that overtime goal scored by Crosby.

Perhaps now you understand what I meant in drawing a comparison between moments in both countries, regardless of what the moment was, where people know what they were doing and where they were. I never made light of the US tragedies and stated how they affected Canadians equally with the US. You chose to insert your own mis-interpretation of what I stated and that's sad. Apparently others haven't made the same mis-interpretation.

Getting back to the game, it was as I predicted, a war, but a terrific war. Both teams deserved to win as every player played their heart out and you can't ask more than that. I salute the US team for pulling out the victory. Well done boys!


Dave- It may just be my interpretation/short-term memory but I don't remember really any game in past tournaments where all elements were not only there but executed near flawlessly as possible; forechecking, positioning of the puck to flow of the play, transition/circling of of wingers in the opponent's zone, crisp and extremely well-timed passing with the puck flat.

Great game and of course happy for the U.S. win but really felt for the Canadian team. The played their hearts and guts out.

Do you know if any of the players are sons or relatives of former players in the NHL. Bellows?......Colin White? Maybe others but just wondering.


Bellows is Brian Bellows' son.

One of the Canadians is the son of one of the coaches on The Winnipeg Jets farm team, Dubois, the father was a long-time minor leaguer.


Jones is another of Popeye Jones' sons, brother Seth is in the NHL. Lindgren's brother plays for Montreal.

Fitzgerald is the son of NJ Devil Tom, cousin to other NHLers.

Thompson's father played for the Jets and the Kings. I vaguely recall him.


Let's not mince words, Windsordave. I don't care about hockey but every 4 years we are reminded about the hockey culture in Canada, so yes, I do get that. But because you wrote some nonsense about "where were you when..." and didn't just leave it at that but injected those two tragedies and then followed it up with a lame disclaimer because you were too lazy to go back and rephrase your original thought, the onus is on you.

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