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Can anyone ID these tuners?


They're on an early '80s Japanese built Vox Standard 24. It was a mid-budget guitar (less that £200 as I recall, at a time when a regular USA Strat was retailing for around £375.00), so I don't expect them to be particularly premium, but if we accurately ID them I'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


I sold my Standard 24 in '84 and bought it back from the same music shop a couple of years later. In the time it was outside of my possession someone else changed the tuners to 2-screw Schallers which are dreadful - I'd love to get it back to factory spec if I can.


Most Japanese guitars from the 80s I came across used Gotoh tuning machines which were MIJ made. Most of the time they were unlabelled. These look a lot like Gotohs. I have no certain model number, though. But you find similar looking in their catalogue.


There are a lot of Gotoh styled copies.


Looks like Gotoh or "Gotoh compatible" (copy) to me. I have tuners like this on several import guitars from the late '80s.

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