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Bitcoin - WTF?


I commented on this thread a couple of years ago and I still don’t get it or trust it today.

The blockchain technology is supposed to keep your bitcoin safe. Apparently not. A hacker stole some from the Silk Road guy and the DOJ got their hacker to steal it from the first hacker.



I dunno, I've been watching the ups and downs of the entire cryptocurrency world, and I've come to the conclusion that I would probably do better at a Vegas Blackjack table in the long run (and I don't do very well there, fyi). I've had it proven to me more than once that NOTHING is 100% safe in the online world. I believe it.

I'm with those who prefer to be able at some point to put something in their hand and say "This is mine. I earned it (in some way)" than point to a largely imaginary number on some screen and say the same, hoping all the while that it's really and truly worth what it says it is.

It's why I have a bunch of nice, safe "blue chip" accounts with a couple of local institutions. Everything is insured and if I need access to it, it's no more than a week away from actually being in my hand, if I prefer.

Call me old-fashioned, and while your at it bartender, build me one, too.


Excuse me for being off topic but is there trend toward nostalgia working? Under New Topics a 3 year old thread and this two year old thread are revived. Just find that curious.


Both resurrected by the same bot by the looks of it.

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