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Bit concerned about my trip to NYC


The one he did on Antartica really put me off my plans to winter over there.


Well we're all set for our trip to NYC in a week or so, with plenty of dive bars on our list of things to do, thank you Gretsch Pages. But we caught part of a documentary last night on tv which concerns us. We watched the actor Kurt Russell in this documentary in what I can only assume were re-enactments of things which have happened in NY. This documentary disturbed us greatly. The gist of the documentary was all about escaping New York, not visiting.

Does anyone know if things have improved in NY? Judging from the cars shown in the documentary these awful events must have taken place in the 70s - have things improved since then? This documentary is not good at selling New York as a tourist destination.

– JimmyR

Safety in Gotham?! Three words: The Bat Man. There's a few documentaries out on him too.


Just like most other cities, use common sense and enjoy the place. The odds are in your favor. Make the most of it.

– Baba Joe

JimmyR - The above from Baba Joe is the best advice yet. The documentary you saw covered the time period I mentioned.

Times Square no longer has the hustlers, grit, filth, or character it once had. It is a tourist trap that really does not offer an authentic experience. It just rests on the reputation it built thru the years.....Now? Times Square looks more like Disneyland than anything.

The dive bars are safe, and the city is just fine. Relax and enjoy your time there and I think you will have a great experience. Maybe read up on older history of the city and areas like Greenwich Village, Tribeca, and Soho, just to name a few, will add to the experience.


Well it is NYC. Surely there are places to avoid. Most big cities have no go zones. When we were visiting San Fransisco, there was a homeless guy that saw us walking by and stated that we shouldn't go that direction. He even stated..."I wont even go over there."

That was good enough for us.


Here's a trailer for another documentary you should probably see before your arrival. Stay safe.


Then again, considering what I've learned from another documentary that you have to contend with in your homeland, maybe NYC won't be such a challenge.


A wise man once said “New York’s a go-go, everything tastes nice”


NYC is nothing like it was in the 70's. It's still crowded, dirty, & disgusting...but nobody pulls guns on you anymore, hardly anybody tries to steal the gear. They'll still go through your car and take whatever they can, but they're very good about not messing the car up.


I live a few miles north of the city and I’m in Manhattan a few times a week (sometimes daily), I drive in when off hours, and park on the street in Chelsea. No worries, lots to do, full of summer tourists, have fun there.


Afire - I saw that documentary on the Warriors again just recently. Indeed, it does paint a disturbing picture that no parent should miss.

Mad Max was a documentary made in New South Wales - that's a long way from Western Australia fortunately. I believe things are better over there now.


I was listening to an episode of 99% Invisible where they mentioned this, there are very few back alleys in New York, and the one that looks exactly like you think it should, you think it should look that way because it is the one that is always being filmed.



I think you confused a documentary for this Kurt Russell movie. LOL


For future reference...NYC is best visited in October.


LOL! NYC in the 70s was a sh*thole. Do not gauge NYC in 2019 against 70s reality. I was in the Navy in the 70s and had a buddy who came from Queens. We would go to his parent's home on the weekend and venture into the city. It was scary sometimes. We were in lower Manhattan on top of the Twin Towers once waching the sun go down and when it got close to dusk, my buddy said "we gotta go. We don't want to be down here after dark." (I was a rube from Oklahoma so my heart starting beating faster and we got ta hell outta there.)

That said, since the 1990s, I've spent about two years of my adult life in NYC, mostly Manhattan. It is NOTHING like it was in the 70s. Safer than London, IMO.


BTW, FWIW.....Escape from New York was filmed in St. Louis. You could see that train yard, right outside the dressing room window, at Mississippi Nights.


New York in the '70s = DEATH WISH

New York now = Disney films

No joke, when we went to The City in the '70s and '80s, we honestly did not know if we were going back home alive. Lower East Side, Alphabet City, uptown Harlem, Times Square, hell, even Upper West Side there was a very good chance you would be killed. Muggings, wilding, crack, race relations worse than Civil War times, filthy whores, three card monte cheats, cops on the take... It was insane. It was Charles Bronson and DEATH WISH.

But as dangerous as it was, it was also the most exciting place on Earth to be. There was always a real rush one would get from the city. It was scary as hell, but so great and thrilling. Now it really is like going to Disney Land. It is a magical place to be. Consider this: NYC had a blackout two days ago and people went out into the streets and laughed and took cell phone pics, and had fun. 42 years ago on the same day NYC had a blackout and the place turned into Beirut.

New York City has matured. It is the best city on Earth. Wonderful place now.

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