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Big sale on new Gretsch guitars


Saw that earlier today. Considered the Broadkaster for a minute but it would have been purely an impulse buy.


I can only think Gretsch occasionally uses Adorama for what we might call inventory balancing.

It's just possible these are models (in colors) that haven't proven as popular as management might have hoped, and this is a way to find the price they want to sell at.

In any case, these are screamingly good deals - and I've had several dealings with Adorama (on camera/computer stuff) and always been pleased. While an electronics joint isn't the first vendor I think of for guitars, I wouldn't hesitate if I felt the urge here.


I’ve bought a couple of small items from them. Experience was good. Broadkaster looks nice.


I like the Amber Gent. Wrong timing.

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