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Best Valentine’s Day Gift


Alright, I'm going to pull rank here and claim that 25 years ago I received the greatest Valentine's Day gift in the history of mankind.

Yes, 25 years ago a girlfriend at that time gave me a made in America Fender Stratocaster. A friggin' Stratocaster as a Valentine's Day gift! All these years later, still the best guitar I own. Don't own that girlfriend anymore. Maybe I should have gotten her something better than a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.

OK, what great gift did you get for Valentine's Day today or in the past?


My card this year said I was better than Wine or Chocolate, and that I was always "Right!"...


Now wait, maybe I got it backwards!

EDIT: I did get it backwards, it said SHE'S the one better than "wine and chocolate and is always Right!"


Um.....hey Twang.....maybe you misread that. Might it really be "Mr. Right?"


On Valentine's Day coincides with my birthday !!! This year I decided to update the speaker of my rivera Chubster with Celestion Alnico cream ....



I got a case of Coors. Works for me....


Hopefully Coors Banquet!

As a follow-on, I made Spaghetti with a heavy homemade Red Clam Sauce, a box of assorted homemade Chocolates, and then brought to the table a more than adequate Meritage Red Wine.

I even brought home a helium balloon!

Didn't get me anywhere later...certainly not Mr. Right Now...

I think that card was a set-up!

So, we watched the second night of the Westminster. Haven't watched in many years, at least since our Bichon's crew left the stage.

Spiritwalker's avatar (close enough) German Shepherd took Best-in-Show...very nice looking dog, with the hind quarters all moving correctly.


I was surprised when she agreed to the first date.

I was even more surprised when she agreed to the second one.

42+ years and we're still together. Every day is Valentine's Day.


Your the winner W Slim. (And she probably is as well)


I have no complaints---even got great in-laws in the deal.


The bride and I usually don't do too much........flowers for her, chocolate for me, go out to the local for dinner.

Except this year she won the Valentine's Day hamper !! Winner !!


I've been seeing a girl for a short while now so didn't really do anything for Valentines day. I said I'll take her out this next weekend for dinner so I guess that gets the job done.


I'm guessing this girl, or her family, must have had a few bucks, and the cost of a Strat was not a burden to her, plus, she obviously cared a lot about you at the time.

Yes, that's a great V-day gift.

I'd bet she still appreciated your gift, but did you feel a bit guilty Mr. Spiritwalker? You shouldn't have, but it wouldn't be out of the question. Good score!


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