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Been away a while


What's shakin guys?? I've been on a bit of a sabatical, retirement planning, getting yet another job at the same place with a different title. Still in Hawaii and still playing my Projet. Just thought I would check in.


Welcome back, PV! Glad to hear that you're doing well and still playing your Pro Jet. I resently bought a Firebird Jet, and I'm very pleased with it too. Jets in all their various configurations are remarkable instruments. Anyway, glad to see you back, and hope you can stick around for a while.


I've been involved in a building transfer of ownership that has taken much time. I'm only working part time and as I type this on a Saturday morning, I'm actually unemployed till Monday when a new contract puts me on with the new firm. I'm only going 6 months as I am ready to retire and got an unbelievable severance parachute from my former employer. Strange, they will still be in the building as tenants for about a year...gonna be strange.


Cool to see you back here, PV! Welcome home.


Hey PV, good to see you again. You haven't missed a thing here. Samol samol!


You haven't missed anything...the past year or so has been pretty routine.


Welcome back! I too have just returned the past few days. Nice to see familiar names!


Aloha! Glad you're back.


Yo Mustafa! Welcome back, as well.


This retirement thing frightens me. Oh, I have the means, and the moolah but the forced inactivity is what I am avoiding. To quote the Kurgan: Better to burn out, than to fade away.. Just the isolation of the covid almost drove me insane, I can't imagine waking up everyday to.......basically another day would be like. "I wish I could quit you work".....;-}

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