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Beatles Rarities Vol.2


My favorite of George comforting John, after Stu had died, taken by Astrid. Little Brother comforts Big Brother, by Loved One's "widow." John always felt guilt that perhaps his fight with Stu had led to his death.


I've seen that picture many times, but never knew the context. Thanks for posting that.


I've seen that picture many times, but never knew the context. Thanks for posting that.

– Afire

After your comment, I tried to find another of the side angle of this--George barely tugging on the jacket. If you don't know the story of the fight and the rest, let me know and I'll oblige.


I know most of you guys know I don’t really ‘get’ The Beatles in the way that others do. After some education from many of you some months ago I understand it more, but I’m still a bit of an outsider.

But those pics of Bob’s really intrigue me. Can we really be certain these were the absolute first and last pics taken of them? And can we be certain of the dates? And if so, do we know if it was orchestrated that was or just pure happenstance?

I’m asking purely because I’m intrigued, I’m not trying to create doubt or be a cynic, just asking.


I found the early pic here... they seem to have researched these photos rather carefully. When they aren’t sure of an exact date, they say so. The 1969 pic is from a well documented gathering of Beatles at George’s estate and was the last time they were all together. Not proof, but good enough for my entertainment purposes.


There are so many delicious things like this in the Magical Mystery Museum which Roag and Pete Best have opened a couple of doors from The Cavern. Bob, are the photos you posted on an insert? The Museum just unveiled a new mural at the entrance which is wonderful, too. If you want to see it, check on Facebook. I'd link it, but I know "we" aren't fans of Facebook posts.


...from Facebook: On Dec 9, 1961, The Beatles played at the Palais Ballroom in Aldershot to a crowd of just 18 people. The date had not been advertised, owing to the local newspaper's refusal to accept the promoter's check. After the show The Beatles became rowdy, getting themselves ordered out of town by the local police.

This was 58 years ago today and this is a picture of that evening with The Beatles on stage.


Paul does not look happy in that photo. That's rare.


John seems to have lost his pick in Donovan’s borrowed guitar so I guess he had to learn some finger picking. Hence, Dear Prudence and Julia on the upcoming album.


Be like George. Keep your Gretsch polished and ship shape!

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