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Beatles 6120 update


Hey Everyone! It's been a while since I've posted. I continue to see the Oncologist every 4 weeks when I get treatment. I usually don't feel so great for a few days. I also get an MRI every 3 months. All of this radiation will kill me before the cancer does! The pain has gotten really bad. It radiates throughout my entire body. (Thank you pain killers) The cancer continues to be slow moving so that's good. That's my life as of 8/4/2016 I hope all of you are doing well! All my love, Mitch


Keep fighting Mitch! You can't keep a good Gretsch player down!


You're still in my prayers.


Good to hear from you, Mitch. Stay strong and beat it. Prayers continue.


So glad to hear from you, Mitch. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I expect the bills are horrendous. I know you don't like to ask your friends for help, but I also know the fear and loathing of opening the mailbox when you know there are bills that are hard to pay. I'll do what I can to help.


Sincerest good wishes in your fight against this illness Mitch.


Hang tough, Mitch. Sending prayers your way.


All My Loving, Mitch, and Prayers that your cancer sings All Things Must Pass. Olivia Anne


Hi Mitch, is the cancer continuing to grow albeit a slower rate with the treatment or is the aim that the treatment eventually gets you to remission? I'm wishing all the best for you and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Best to you Mitch -- keep fighting!


You know we're all pulling for you, Mitch. Stay strong.


Treatment is slowing it. There is no remission with the cancer.


Sending positive thoughts, Mitch.


Have you contacted Mayo in Rochester, MN?


Best regards Mitch, just relax and take it easy, good vibes coming your way


Hi Mitch, I've been wondering how you are feeling and have you in my prayers. I haven't been playing much the past 4 months and that's translated into me stopping in here less frequently so don't know if I missed an update.

Wishing you the best. -- Dave

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