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BEAR: Are Things Any Better with your daughter? Status?


Bear...about a month ago you posted about the terrible situation with your daughter needing surgery and several folks in the community pitched in and gave money to help her out.

How about a status update?

Did she get the surgery?

How did things end up?

Hopefully it all worked out?


I get updates from Bear about it from the gofundme site and last I read(Keep in mind I'm seriously behind in my email) they were practically at their goal, which was great news.


Yes, hoping and praying that she will get the surgery she needs.


Sorry, I haven't been around in awhile, but things here at home have been a bit hectic and my stress level is at its peak.

Dana had her worst eye operated on yesterday and her prognosis is excellent. If all continues to go well, she will have her other eye operated on, on May 3rd.

We came very close to our Go Fund Me goal thanks to many of you so our out of pocket will be a bit of a strain but doable. We couldn't have done it without your humanity and generosity. God bless you all!


Good to hear, Bear. Thanks for the update!


Really, really good to hear.

All the best to you, Dana, and the rest of the Bears.


That is great to hear, Steve! My best to Dana!


Good news, Bear! Be well, Dana! Prayers answered.


Pleased to hear it Steve and all the best to Dana.

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