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I've always liked George Carlin's analysis of the differences between (American) football and baseball:


George was very intuitive...one of the best for a long time.


George was very intuitive...one of the best for a long time.

– Twangmeisternyc

I met him briefly several years ago at a book signing, when he autographed my copy of "When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?"

The world has gotten so strange in recent years that more wisdom, truth and insight can be heard from comedians than from the news media.


I saw him in Las Vegas two different times, many years apart.

As well as all the DVD and TV appearances...

One of my Favorites is "Heaven and Hell":

Heaven - British Police, German Auto Mechanics, French Chefs, Swiss Hotel Keepers, and Italian Lovers

Hell - British Chefs, German Police, French Hotel Keepers, Swiss Lovers, and Italian Auto Mechanics

His last HBO DVD Show had a great bit on "Constitutional Rights" and how bogus it is to believe that it matters...seems appropriate in today's news?


BTW the Rays just pounded Verlander in the bottom of the 1st!


Yeah, in retrospect starting a game on 3 days rest for the first time in his career was not a good decision by JV. Now we have a one game playoff.


I never really got baseball. Watching from afar in a different country it didn't really seem to make any sense - not like cricket.

But last July, sheltering from the humidity and heat in NYC in some of the many bars, cooling myself down with a chilly brew or two, it started to make sense. Baseball is a bit like cricket in that for long periods nothing much seems to happen. And when something does happen it can be spectacular. It all seems very appropriate when you're propped up in a bar sipping beer.

I think the only thing which could make baseball better is to have 5-day matches. That is the beauty of cricket. You can have a match seem incredibly one-sided for 4 days and then on the 5th day the underdog does something spectacular and wins with minutes to spare. I went to (an admittedly unusually good) test match between Australia and England some years back where three Aussie batsmen made centuries (100 runs) in a row. And the last fella made his 100 runs off just 58 balls. It was an entire day of gripping, wonderful cricket.

Baseball games are far too short.

– JimmyR

Actually, Jimmy, the powers that be have been trying to speed up the game. The games have gotten longer over the years. Too much stepping out of the batter's box and pitchers slow deliveries. As for having 5 day matches you could say baseball already does that in the form of 3 and four games series.


Big time problems for the Braves...9 to nothing, 1 out, still 1st inning...


There is no joy in La-La-Land...what a change of fortunes...wow.


Yanks and Astros should be a good series.


The Nats have pulled the rabbit out of the hat twice, I think they are the longest odds.

If the Astros pitching holds up, I think they will take the Yanks.

Astros/Cards in the World Series most likely...


So much for St. Louis...

Cards could not have had a worse Series, and the Nats are Fearless.

Every last Nat has total confidence, you don't see this very often...


Razzer the powers that be in cricket have been trying for years to make sure that cricket doesn't lag either. In the last test series between England and Australia the English tried very hard to go as slowly as they could bowling to prevent Australia building up a match winning lead. Thing is cricket, despite being a 5-day game, can be totally absorbing over the whole match if it's played at a decent pace. I imagine baseball is the same.

As in all sports it seems though, recently scandals of idiots trying to cheat, silly rule changes, prima donna players and the impact of the $$ have all conspired to make cricket less interesting. Aussie rules football has been ruined by money and TV. I find mainstream sports less and less interesting unfortunately.


Love the fact that my Nats are going to be in a World Series and I have tickets to one WS home game.

Having said that I will also say that some of the most satisfying baseball I see each year is in the minor leagues. It's fun watching the minors and several years later seeing some of those kids make it. I went to Juan Soto's first single A game and my friend I was with said" I think this kid is the real deal."


IMO I believe cricket's lack of a reasonable timed structure to play a match and get it over with in a few hours is the premier reason for cricket's lack of popularity outside its primarily played countries.....other timed structured sports occupy that interest. In North America, you can't sell interest in a sport that lasts not just all day but continues for several days. Great as following sports can be, it certainly isn't compelling enough to spend an entire day watching, childrens' one day or weekend tournaments notwithstanding.


Windsor I'm sure you are right. I was being facetious when I suggested baseball should be longer. You just have to see how popular one day cricket was, and now how popular the ghastly (and rigorously time enforced) Twenty-20 cricket has become to see how shorter games are more popular.

Twenty-20 cricket might even be a shorter game than baseball, but it is crude and lacking in tactics compared to traditional test cricket. Really, test cricket is ludicrous. Who has a spare 5 days to watch a match? But I grew up with dad's radio on over the weekend while a match was played and it's part of our way of life. It's a kind of background music to summer in the countries where it's played.

I think the one thing that those who want to reinvent sports miss is that a lot of us love sport because it's one thing which doesn't change. I can see that very clearly in baseball. The tradition and nature of the game is about history and wanting to belong to something consistent. Your team might not be top this year but just wait a few... Change has to be slow and in line with what people are used to. I used to like Aussie rules football because it was something like I used to watch as a kid. But they keep "improving" the game so much that it's become too over-umpired and the players are anonymous.

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