Miscellaneous Rumbles

At some point in the future, in a Galaxy far, far away…


On board the USS Enterprise (D), sometime in the future.



Captain, sensors indicate we may be being followed

Followed? By who, Spock? Klingons?

By a two thousand and eighteen Tesla Roadster, Captain. Fascinating...

What do you make of that, Bones?

I don't know, Jim. I'm a doctor, not a mechanic!

(Maybe it was the wine....)


Too bad it won't survive the journey into deep space, but what a cool concept...imagine it being found by another lifeform?


Funny. Reminds me of the SNL skit years ago that poked fun at the show being cancelled.


Suppose the Tesla hits another spacecraft. Imagine the fun when the other driver tries to read the riot act to the Tesla driver.


YouTube. There's a few vids.


This reminded me of the origin story and opening graphic for the amazing Rick Green comic book and science fiction interview show called Prisoners of Gravity. See at 1:30 here...

Rick Green is best known as Bill of Adventures with Bill from The Red Green Show and was also involved in another great show called History Bites.

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