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Are you afraid of your woman


I'm not really afraid of my wife.

But woman in general seem to have the affliction of becoming angry for no known reason whatsoever. And that is scary.

– chrisbo

Women dont have "afflictions" nor do they become "angry for no known reason whatsoever". These statements are misogynist and you are offending the ladies on our forum. The only ladies LEFT here that have been able to put up w the rude comments.


misogynist, that's a good over used four syllable word. you call yourself the brain. THINK for just a second.cant you see a set up.


One last thought and I'm gone. I have been around livestock for almost all my life, meaning allsorts including cats and dogs, and there is an absolute difference between females and males, nobody can even try to deny that fact. any of you panty waist idiots who might have scraped out a kitty litter box might not know of what I'm saying. But there is a huge difference between a mare and a stud, it is in their blood and in their temperment. Tell me I'm wrong, or make an educated argument in a mor PC direction. Having said all that. Yes we are humans but we are also animals and there is a huge difference between woman and man.

Sorry Fact


So much for educated arguments.


I prefer to celebrate our differences. If the world was perfect the right man with the right woman would perfectly compliment each other. I believe that is how we're designed.

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