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Are you afraid of your woman


Hard topic. I have been VERY HAPPILY MARRIED for around thirty years. THAT IS WHAT VICKY SAYS. Yup I'll stick to that. Otherwise she will take me to the basement and beat me with corded rope.


Happy wife, happy life !!!!


It’s a game of give and take, but let’s not forget we were born with a pair.


Only when I've earned it.


Our 43nd anniversary is this September. Must be doing something right.


32 years and I’m only afraid of her when she gets a certian look in her eye.


Only when I've earned it.

– Afire

Yep, after almost 44 years, I know when to run and hide when I really "blow it". LOL

Nothing more dangerous than a mad redhead.


The only woman I've been literally afraid of was a full-on Italian girlfriend I had for awhile!


A man doesn't have anything to be afraid of unless he starts calling his spouse or significant other "his woman."


Hellbilly and Cowboy, Not only is my wife Italian but she also went and died her hair red. Funny thing is that I am a very big man and my profession really takes very hard men so just about all of any folk I do ask over are very hard men, and to a man they are afraid of my wife. I believe they are afraid of their own wifes also. Funny how we act when all the girls are around. I do indeed love my wife, she would not have it any other way.


Ric I do refer to my wife as my woman, she likes the possessiveness that the word implies, and the fact that I am not referring to another woman the same way. She is not a dolt, in fact most likely more letters after her name then all of us combined. Heck I cant even scribble BA after mine.


My wife is a certified pistol instructor. Take that any way you wish.


I'll be married to my wife for 30ys this august. While I dont like her to get mad or frustrated with me, and this can happen often.. I'm the leader of my home and my wife yields to my direction. We are partners.

FWIW. there's only one woman that frightens me on earth


I have always told that I am not afraid of nothing or nobody, - except my wife.


Every woman contains goddess Kali within her. You do NOT want to piss her off!


I remember when I introduced my girlfriend to the family.

Boy, was my wife pissed.


Every woman contains goddess Kali within her. You do NOT want to piss her off!

– Parabar



My first Mean Wife died from mushroom poisoning.

My 2nd Mean Wife died from mushroom poisoning.

My 3rd Mean Wife died from drowning in the bathtub,,,she didnt like the taste of mushrooms.


I’ve always been afraid of women. It’s just that the older I get, the more I understand WHY.


Why would you want to be with someone you are afraid of?


Afraid of her? Hell no! The coolest girl in the world since 1978.

She does however possess a wicked silent treatment she can keep up for days.


Never have been, our relationship is built on equality and consideration for each other. The apology is a useful tool for both of us.

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