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Anyone use the Family Sharing feature from Apple?


I don't mean sharing a family of course, although that's prolly fun, I mean sharing apps downloaded from the App Store and only paying once.

I have logic Pro X on my main iMac and my Air thingie, but I have the same Apple ID on both machines so that wasn't an issue. I now need to install in on another machine with a different Apple ID (Mrs Deke's).

I've added her ID to mine to create a family, but when I go to the App Store on that machine it only gives me the option to buy, and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

If I hit Buy will I get charged again? or will it see that were are in fact a family and let me do it for free?

I have asked over on the Apple forum, but I trust you guys more. Heck, I only met them other fellas today...


Hiya Deke,

If you click on Purchases at the top of the App Store you should see a drop-down box that says "My Purchases". If you click on that you'll see the other members of your "family." You should be able to select the family member that purchased Logic and see all of their purchases with an Install button instead of the Purchase icon. Click there and you should be good to go! Hope that helps!

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