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Anyone here anti-Grizelda?


There are different shades of Grizelda, either the goofy Monkee's song, or murderous Grizelda Blanco the cocaine queen....neither peak my interest.. Oh, and I always disliked those Beatle-esq "Running" videos. What the heck are you running for!?!?!?. It appears they are running away from that song.

– Parralax View

Oh Richard Lester, what hast thou wrought?

It seemed his 'Running & Jumping' film sparked a wave of short films back then, featuring band members frolicking in a field, wearing strange clothing and acting silly. It went way beyond 'A Hard Day's Night'.

I'm reminded of Pink Floyd's video for their song Arnold Layne.

My Anti-Grizelda remedy has traditionally been a listen to 'For Pete's Sake'. Co-written by Tork, and arguably one of the best Monkees songs.


Auntie Grizelda is really THIS WOMAN.........

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