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Anyone here a native German speaker??


I have a question concerning the proper German grammar for naming something. Any help ??


Also, Sascha is from Berlin.

– Ric12string

Korrekt! ;)


Germans cant talk proper German. You have to ask someone from Austria


Ach! Was ist los?? Der Deutschenspeaken ist fur aller das folkers!

(Mein Grossvater und Grossmutter ben from eine kleine village "Sekitsch" in Austria-Hungary in der earlischer 1900's. Der village nicht ben existen now --- between das Kriegs Ein und Zwei, it was outengewipen.)


Actually, Nick45 answered my questions. Big Thanks to Him.

Gotta love this Internet thing where you can interact with people on the other side of the Planet so easily.


Parabar, your German is admirable. And funny.

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