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anyone ever use Facebook marketplace?


I am sort clueless about it but keep hearing about cool stuff showing up and gaining popularity since there's no big ebay bite for sellers. But you can only look locally, I hear.


Yeah it's limited to 100 miles. I think I bought a lamp off of it.

A TON of people are using it and a lot of cool stuff shows up. Easy to use, I don't think musical instruments do that well though.


I bought a Guild Bluesbird off of Marketplace. I had a good experience. Price was reasonable and the person selling it was great


It's still a little small...like Ebay and Craigslist once were. I've bought and sold several things. So far, so good.


I've purchased a few things, including guitars, through Facebook's Marketplace.

As with anything else in 2019, be careful, try to email any contact information through a different account to avoid Facebook security problems, try to meet in a public place or, if it has to be at the home of someone you don't know, take someone with you and make sure friends know where you're going.

With the guitar purchases, I was able to meet in a public place and took a battery powered Roland Micro Cube amp, so I could try the object of my affection out in the back seat of my car.

Oops, did that sound right? Oh well, moving on...

Like most things, there are good and bad people you'll be dealing with, so don't let G.A.S. get the better of your better judgement.


All good to know. Out in So Cal, there's a mini Paisley 18.5 scale Telecaster that's eatin' on me bad... someone in the Telecaster FB group pointed it out. Nothing cool seen around here at the moment.


Nobody seems to have any money on facebook, but there's a whole world of trades going on, and I've done really well with that aspect of it.

Consider that before dissing all the lowballers.


I have bought a multi slot guitar stand from an individual and I get FB messages from people when certain items come up local like Gretsch guitars. I guess the secret's out of the bag for my affinity for them. I say treat it like Craigslist and all will be fine.


I’ve bought and sold on Mktplace probably a dozen times and had good luck every time. My best musical score was an old Harmony Stella for $15. It’s the spitting image of my first guitar (which I sprayed into an American flag design in the late 60s/early 70s when American flag designs became the rage thanks to Easy Rider.

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