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Any of You Bring Your Guitar To Work and Play?


I would but there’s no room for it sitting behind my drums.


In the ‘80s when I had an office with a door, I kept my Guild acoustic on a stand in my office, but seldom had a chance to play it, I think others who came in played it more than I did.

When I went to work for a big company that had a choir, I convinced the director that we’d sound better with a guitar and during the holiday season, my Twin Reverb sat in my cube from August through December and I got to play for rehearsal 3 days a week at lunchtime (and whenever we performed; since the choir was a sanctioned volunteer organization, technically, I was getting paid to play guitar at work; dollar-wise, it was probably the best gig money I’ve ever made to this day).

In recent years, my goal became to get a band I was in booked by the event planners to play a corporate gig at corporate HQ. It finally happened, twice, even, but they were going-away parties because the office was shutting down and moving to Virginia. After the office closed and until they retired me last month, I worked from home, with not a lot to do, or was on the road for work. Got a lot of practicing in while at home, and always brought a guitar with me on the road, so I played a lot in my hotel room after work (no doubt much to my neighbors’ chagrin, especially that time I brought an amp).

It took them two whole weeks to realize they couldn’t live without me, so I’m going back to work for them as a contractor (starting the day after NAMM), and I have to go to an office, so probably no guitar-playing there. But since I’ll be getting paid by the hour, I’ll be leaving early on rehearsal and gig days.


We just began our bring your guitar to work Fridays!


A few years back I had a variation on the 'work' theme. My recovery from a lethal MRSA infection required twice daily, 7 days a week for 3 weeks, 2 hr IV treatments. During the week it was in one area of the hospital but on weekends, was in a different area. One nurse there I discovered, wanted to learn to play guitar someday and had what turned out to be, a lovely 70's Yamaha acoustic dreadnaught. She worked in the regular area for IV's and every Saturday and said she'd bring it in Sat morning. The strings were old but very serviceable and the guitar had a nice mellow tone. Both IV areas always had a coming and going group of around 8 folks, depending on how long they had to be there. Myself being there for 2 hours I saw a good number of folks. I tuned 'er up and set to pickin'. Everyone got right into it and it was sort of a fun party atmosphere. Normally it was a fairly somber time as everyone there was sick to some degree or other but instead of reading or sleeping they were happy to be entertained. It tended to be an older crowd so they enjoyed hearing tunes they hadn't heard in a long time. Smiles all around

In a way, it was one of my most enjoyable gigs. Always a great time when you can brighten someone else day

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