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Any of You Bring Your Guitar To Work and Play?


Just curious about this because I work 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM at a hospital in Radiology. I'm a Radiology Tech. We have no ER here and no Outpatients come in at night, so I do X-Rays on Inpatients and it's not a lot at night, so if I wanted I could probably play guitar here. In fact, a co-worker who just left us had worked a different shift than mine and we would overlap at times, brought his friend's guitar here to work. He had a lot of downtime after a certain time on weekends. He was learning guitar on a Yamaha acoustic.

I could probably do the same. Although I'm pretty tired here at night I could use this time to learn more about guitar. I've been playing on and off since I was 14 and now I'm 51 but I'm no pro, I have a lot more to learn. But the problem is fatigue at night and once in awhile some nurse or something may come by to ask me something. I could do it, the other guy did but I don't know if I'm going to.

Just wondering who here does bring a guitar to work? I know if you are a pro musician then the studio and stage is your office and playing is your job, but for those of you who don't play for a living do you bring your acoustic or even electric unplugged at work?

By the way, I used to work with Rosey Grier. He used to bring his guitar to work. We worked at a non-profit. I was in IT and he did, well not sure. He got paid like anyone else but it was a charity. He showed me a few things on guitar. He was friends with Bobby Womack, who also taught him some things on guitar. Rosey is genuinely a nice guy and I wish I kept in touch with him. So he closed his door and played his acoustic.

At a law firm I used to work at when I was in IT, if I bought a guitar or amp off eBay or if a friend sent me a guitar via a shipping company I'd have it delivered to work. The people in my department were intrigued by my musical equipment although most the time it was not so expensive or rare, but what did they know, they didn't play guitar? Actually anyone in the firm who saw it was. Better to ship it there than have it sit outside the front door to be taken by a wicked person. At times I did have stuff shipped to home and I'd run home during "break" and bring it in. My break may be 2 hours depending on traffic but I didn't care nor did anyone else as long as we had coverage, but after a while I smarted up and got stuff shipped to work's mailroom.

Now that I work in this hospital I'd not have anything shipped here but have it on hold at UPS or whatever shipping company that I got it shipped via.

What's your story on playing at work or shipping to work?


I bring my guitars to work saturdays and sundays, as I sing and play for a livingThey wouldnt pay me if I just sang, pretty sure about thathaha


I am a photographer and part of the work I do at home behind a computer. So there are guitars all around. My work is regularly interrupted by a guitar that is lying on my desk begging to be played. My schedule often is a day of photography and then a few days at home selecting and editing a large series. So it’s very nice to be able to lighten up the computer hours with some guitar noodling.

And my other occupation is repairing and restoring guitars, so then there are guitars around as well.
There definitely is no lack of guitars in my life…. ; )



– Curt Wilson



I used to work nights (alone) at a radio station. When we'd have shows come in on satellite I'd play my guitar or record a demo in the production room.

The station was deep into the middle of a corn field, and my guitar helped keep my mind off of how creepy the whole place was. I really miss it, now that I'm remembering.


I used to work nights (alone) at a radio station. When we'd have shows come in on satellite I'd play my guitar or record a demo in the production room.

The station was deep into the middle of a corn field, and my guitar helped keep my mind off of how creepy the whole place was. I really miss it, now that I'm remembering.

– hilosean

I hope you didn't watch "Children of the Corn" at work otherwise you'd be afraid to step out at night for a break! LOL


In my own business, before I retired, I always had a guitar close by, and made use of it often. Now that I have had to come out of retirement and work for someone else, I have not pushed that little envelope. The man is paying me to crunch numbers. Not play guitar. Like Chet would say after all, no one loves you if you just play guitar.


I keep my work life and guitar life pretty separate ... but they know I play, since guitars were coming to work for safe delivery and they had no prob w/ that but it's a small place. But twice they asked me to bring it in for a going away parties for employees who were leaving.


I work from home, and the guitar wall is visible behind me when I'm on video calls (which is all the time). It gets a lot of comments.


Can't get away with that at a car dealership. I have had some shipped to work and had the oos and ah's of other players saying look at that. I might grab it up and play for a minute or two but then it goes back in it's case and in the corner. I always wanted a cheap Tele that I could keep in the car and play at lunch but that's never worked out for me.


Like Danman I'm a photographer and I work from home. Lots of down time to play as my office where I work on retouching, image conversion etc is also my music room/amp building room/effect pedals building room. So when the computer is batch processing I can test a new pedal.


When I was about 20 in the late '80s a friend of mine was doing real estate and I went with him to some Mortgage office in El Monte (CA) to take care of some real estate deal loan stuff and this old time Southern guy about 57 had an acoustic archtop. Although I had been playing guitar for about 6 years already and knew about archtops I wasn't too familiar with brands like Kay and Silvertone so I didn't notice the make. Heck could have been Gibson or Gretsch but I didn't check. I had seen Ritchie Valens character in La Bamba play one and was hooked on wanting one and when I saw one in real life it made me want to get one even more. So a Mortgage guy at his work had one and it reinforced my wanting of an acoustic archtop. Had he not had that I probably down the road seen one in person and wanted one but it was cool this guy had one.


I did briefly several years ago to play during lunchtime. It was a cheap solid body that wouldn’t disturb others. The problem was that lunches were frequently interrupted with issues and it wasn’t worth it. I also used to bring in one on lesson night, but rarely played it there for the same reasons.


Yes, we have an amp and a couple of guitars laying around the shop. When we’re slow, my boss and I take turns playing. In fact, I sold him my Electromatic double jet with the TVJ T90 pups. It stayed at work for about a year before he took it home. He’s searching for a good ‘shop guitar’ now.


The only time I ever did this was about 20 years ago - I brought my Marshall JCM900 half-stack and Les Paul (I was a Slash fan) to work, and cranked it up full-blast on the loading dock. Granted, this was a Saturday so there were no supervisors there, but a few of us average guys were working that day.


As a Semi Successful Sole Proprietor of my own business I could bring something to work to noodle around on, but I resist that temptation. I know how I am and if I had a guitar here and was just about to figure a lick out on a song and customer called on the phone, I might be prone to let the phone ring. Best that I keep guitar and work seperate.


I did before I retired. Sometimes.

In the projection booth/control room in the theater I ran (one of four in our control on campus), I could turn up a monitor speaker in the announce booth and still hear what was going on onstage. Obviously, it depended on the show---running movies or some sort of talking heads group. As I wasn't the only person with access to the room, I had to have something that I could keep locked up---so, a Martin Backpacker fit the bill---and my locker. As long as I could get to the sound and light boards in a flash, I was fine.


Like Baxter, I do most of my work from home. I have several guitars nearby so I frequently pick one up and noodle between hearings.


In the warmer weather, a few of us play acoustics at a local park on Thursday lunchtime. Winter has screwed that up. C'mon springtime!

Up until mid-2017, I worked from home or traveled (often with a guitar). I miss that.


After I simi retired and got down to just one business, gold prospecting equipment and metal detectors, I always kept my Orpheum at the door to my office. Lots of my customers would pick it up and play also. I miss that guitar, sent it to a Niece in Juneau.


I'll bring my guitar to work sometimes. Our previous VP in our department also played so a group of us would get together in his office over lunch and jam songs on acoustic guitar. I had my guitar at the office in December this last year because a girl and I were going to perform some Christmas songs. She got sick and lost her voice so that didn't happen but there were a few impromptu jams in my back room office.

This picture is about 10 years old of me jamming at one of our office performance.


I work from home since the 1990, and this photo was taken in my office. Useful during computer update, sofware installation.


I used to keep my acoustic in a case in my trunk. As long as it wasn't a summer day, in other words the heat wouldn't be too much for the guitar in the trunk I would bring it to the parking structure. I would during lunch take it out and play a few chords. No real serious playing but I just wanted to strum some chords, hear some nice acoustic sounds to relax during lunch and destress about.

As far as bring to work, depending on your circumstance I would suggest never leaving your guitar at work overnight. I guess it depends on the security of your work and if you have access only to your area but your guitar may disappear. For those who are working from home, well that's your home so it's where your guitars are but in an actual office be careful.

My friend of mine used to play for a famous solo artist, an international star from England, for many years but left, and during his employment as the guitarist for this singer, he loaned his friend a Les Paul Goldtop w/ humbuckers, non vintage but still probably worth about $2500 new or $1,700 used, lent it to his friend who took it to work and left it in the office and of course it got nicked. This was in London so don't know much guitars like that cost there but in the US or England it's not a cheap guitar. His friend didn't even offer to pay him for the guitar cost. That sucks because my friend would be out at least $1,700 (how many Pounds I don't know) I wonder if their friendship survived after that. He used this guitar live in concerts, TV appearances and music videos as well as in the studio. Fortunately he didn't loan his black Les Paul Custom, that is not replaceable because it's his famous guitar.

So be careful, don't leave your guitar in your office, bring it home every night otherwise you are chancing losing it.


I do CT on the graveyard shift, but at a big trauma/stroke center. Way too busy to pull out a guitar.

Now, my other job? I always have a guitar in my shop. Gotta test out those amps.

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