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Annual Xmas Giveaway Thread


Powdog- Very, very nice of you. Again this year, I was too late on the draw... I defer to JD AND Mark. I'm going to go cry in the corner now.. Ha!


If this dream is true, I'll put up an amp head for someone's Christmas cheer.


Gratuitous gutshot


It’s yours JD. Please give me a few days to finish up the cabinet. Black walnut and curly maple.


Fantastic! The spirit of giving on the GDP os so outrageously great!


It’s yours JD. Please give me a few days to finish up the cabinet. Black walnut and curly maple.

– Powdog

Oh my Powdog, it's gracious enough for building an amp for this thread, but having a cab made out of hardwoods is over the top.

Thank you SO much.


My pleasure.

– Powdog

Powdog, just PM'd you. Let me know if it didn't come through.


Man, a single ended Plexi?! That's gonna be a bitchin rig!


The EQ pedal is still up for grabs, if anyone is into clunky, big, 120V AC powered pedals.


Geez man. What a time for me to be falling down the ütube hole.

Congrats, JD, on nabbing a Cave Creek Special. Powdog, you're too kind I'm sure!

Josh, I've been tetrissing my main board for days, trying to squeeze in an EQ in a standard housing. Bigger, graphic, and AC would be no help at all.

But I tell ya what. If a cleverbrilliant diligent pedal designer could mold either 3 bands of parametric, or 2 para and hi & lo shelving...into a MINI-sized pedal...well I bet that would find its way onto hundreds of pedalboards. Everyone NEEDS EQ, but it's so unglamorous no one wants to kick a fun pedal off to make room for it. And it doesn't need adjusted often, so the layout could be dense and fiddly. I'm thinking stacked concentric knobs, like on some mixers.

And I tell ya what else...if no one else snaps up the Ross (because everyone needs EQ - and it could easily sit back at the amp) in a few days, I'd try to find room for it in the Home for Wayward Pedals. Because it could always sit back on the amp.

How quiet is it?


The Ross seems pretty quiet to my ragged eardrums. They are still pretty popular and somewhat collectible. There are chinese mini 7 band-ers under $40 nowadays, and the Wampler Equator is about as compact as a parametric might get. There is a lot of signal loss in tone shaping like that, so there are lots of little amplifiers in EQs making up for it. That's why it's hard to make them small. BYOC makes a cool DIY fully adjustable parametric, but it's neither small, nor easy, nor cheap. https://buildyourownclone.c...


It’s Saturday morning, so I finally have a break from the work week to offer a few things up. I’ll cover shipping to any location in the Continental US. All items gently used from a non-smoking home, but not new. All items tested and in fully working condition.

First, a Yamaha GA10 solid state practice amp. Clean and dirt channel select, volume, bass, treble. Headphone jack. Great for a workbench test amp, apartment dwellers and young players getting started.

Second, a First Act Discovery travel guitar with a built in speaker, headphone jack, 1/4 in. output jack, single coil pickup, gig bag included. Bridge set high (all the way up) because I was using this to mess around with playing slide. Probably a Toys R’ Us special, but usable as is or parted out. 9V battery included.

Third, Hit Stix electronic drumsticks and accompanying mini amp. Kid’s toy, but better than drumming on the kitchen table with your fingers. Works and effective in quiet areas, but not terribly loud. 9V battery included.


I wonder if that travel guitar would fit in my bag to travel to Haiti. People wait outside the clinic for days at a time. Last year, at night, I got hold of an old falling apart acoustic and went out to where they camp and played some songs for them. They don't understand English, and have never heard of the Beatles or BNL, but they still hooted and hollered.


Oh Man! Hit Stix! Those were the dream toy out of the Sears Wishbook for many!


As promised, it's giveaway time.

No pics, but stock very good to excellent condition. Stock tubes included, but no tube holders or plug in power cord.

What is it?

Marshall Class 5 Head (C5H)

Merry Christmas to.............?????????


JD, I’ll take it if it’s still avail


I’ll add something really cool to the thread later tonight so check back


JD, I’ll take it if it’s still avail

– Setzer

Merry Christmas Paul, it's yours.

Send me a PM with your shipping info, and I'll get it out to you next week.


I’ll add something really cool to the thread

Custom pickguards!?


Tim, your on the list! Merry Christmas

Thanks JD!


I'll look through and see what more I can add, but in the meantime:

Anybody want a couple of sets of D'Addario Chrome flatwounds, 12/52?

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