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And you think you’ve had it rough…


I have been getting my Hot Pepper garden together since our Snow stopped June 7th, didn't plant until this past weekend.

I had a few more to put in this morning. So, as I was blending native soil with Miracle-Gro Potting Mix, and breaking up clumps with my hands, I felt something a little wetter than expected.

Then it seemed to move...

It was a frog. It had been packaged in the 25lb. bag in Ohio, then stacked, palletized, and inventoried, presumably no less than a couple weeks ago.

I live in Nevada, about 2000 miles away.

The frog is now free, and subject to a lot of new challenges.


Wow!! Mr. Frog has had some seriously bad days recently. Let's hope he finds relief in his newly found freedom.


Well now. Good for the frog for surviving that process. It's hard days for amphibians, glad this one was hardy.

But...as you say, whole new set of challenges. I suspect that environment is going to be very different than where it came from...though maybe the elevation mitigates the dryness and heat somewhat. And you do have seasons - though my sense is you mostly have winter and summer, with very short transitions between. I don't know how that will affect Kermit.

I think I would have kept him captive for long enough to call Miracle-Gro. With a story like that, I'm sure you could get through to someone in customer service. I'd've asked what hoops they wanted to jump through to get the frog back to his native habitat. It would just be entertaining to put those wheels into motion, even if I had to be part of the plan (like by boxing him up in a styrofoam cooler or something with some soil and requisite support resources, and getting M-G to pony up for an expedited return trip).


The poor thing was quite pale, shocked, and very wet as if it had coated itself in slime to hold on.

I checked all of our local Toad/Frog species against what I saw. Definitely a Frog, not as many possibilities as our Toads. Those are around in the later evening.

Frogs hibernate/go into stasis, but they need some level of moisture so as to not dry out, etc.

Miracle-Gro is moist, airy...go figure.

There are occasional stories of snakes getting crated up in Asia and making it to the USA...9 months or more locked up.

Internet articles suggest 1 month without food and water is about the limit except for a few highly unique species.

Other internet articles describe lots of odd things found in Miracle-Gro Potting Soils and Mixes!




That frog is definitely enchanted! You need to find a princess willing to kiss the li'l guy to see what happens. The end of the story could be ribbiting!


You’re close to the Truckee. I’m sure he found a sweet wet spot.


I feel bad that I started with the other bag of mix first. Took 4 more days to get to the second.

The slime thing was very odd. I wonder just how much fluid came out during the stasis, probably a third of the body weight, shrunken.

It was like the "goop" in the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" cocoon...or maybe the spew in "Ghostbusters".


My buddy once fed his frog miracle grow.


My gardening is way more boring. All that happens is I plant something and mushrooms sprout around the new plant. Then the plant dies.

I have some success with trees. Ever since I discovered that citrus trees like to be watered our lime and lemon trees have been producing loads of fruit - and delicious fruit at that. My wife loves the lime tree. Margaritas every weekend.

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