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And let it begin..,


Wound for me!



wound with flats, plain with pure nickels for me


Wound on the acoustics, plain on the electrics.


Wound on the acoustics, plain on the electrics.

– Powdog

What he said..


I'm not much of a string bender...

Longer scale, lighter gauge I like a plain...but you have to have good intonation.

A wound 3rd takes up bad intonation several cents worth.


Wound on 12 strings, regardless. Wound on acoustics, and plain on anything solid bodied.

Jury's still missing when it comes to hollow, chambered or semi-hollow bodies.


Plain G string on electrics, wound on acoustics. I haven't used a wound G string on an electric guitar in years. I may give it a try on my 5422, and see if I like it. I know a company that sells singles, so it wouldn't cost more than a buck and a half to try.


Wound on the acoustics, plain on the electrics.

– Powdog

True Dat.


Plain on my electrics.


Yep wound G only on acoustic guitar.


I play rhythm most often (and mostly acoustic) so wound thirds suit me fine. For solo work, plains are better.


Can’t remember when I last used a wound G. Makes me wonder if maybe one guitar should have it.


I’d use a wound B string if I could find one the right gauge.


I have wounds on my hollows and unwound on my tele.

what is the the meme from? The crying girl?


Whatever the guitar wants.


Whatever the guitar wants.

– Proteus

Quite correct.


I feel like I’ve written this a dozen times.

I had some sets where I had both a wound and unwound G. I decided on plain because it gives you two different sounds when you play a sixth. plain-plain, wound-plain.


Whatever the guitar wants.

– Proteus

It only took me 65 years to come to that conclusion. My # 1 has a wound third and flats at that. My 64 year old self would of never believed it!


Wound thirds/G's.... Just because I always did it......

I often think about doing some plains -- but have hesitated because I have TruArc Serpentunes on all my electrics and they were all cut for wound thirds.......


But we make the other variety too. You could get one with plain-G comp and convertible it around.


Paul Yandell told me one time that the wound G notes better, but the plain G sings better. I use a wound G most of the time because I play finger style most of the time and use full chords with almost every note, so noting true is important. I am an imperfect human being, but some days I can make the notes true, even with a plain G. They do “sing” better.


I’d use a wound B string if I could find one the right gauge.

– Viper

I read in GP many years ago that many years before that,wound B strings were common.

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