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Amp Question


Alright, I’ve got a 50 watt, 8 ohm amp. I’m running into a cab wired as shown with two 8 ohm 50 watt 10” speakers and two 8 ohm 35 watt 12” speakers wired as shown. I’ve got low volume and distorted sound. Please advise...


You check all four speakers to make sure you don’t have one blown? I’d check each individually then move forward and double check the wiring harness, both for correct scheme and wire/connector integrity. Also try another amp.


Speakers are fresh from the box. The amp worked fine with the former wired identical.


Update... I found that I placed my output wires on the opposite positions. That’s a game changer. Earned my stupid degree for the day... All is well. :)


It’s always nice to solve something on your own. How’s it sound now?


On the last gig we played before the virus shut everywhere down, five minutes before start time I had no sound at all from my ever reliable Traynor amp. Everything was lit up, the cab was connected, my guitar worked OK through the othe guitarist's amp. Then I was told that my amp was still on standby. I wouldn't have minded but it was the drummer who told me!


No love for drummers around this joint.


It sounds great now! I had some old speakers in a loaded cab I traded some pedals for. One had a amateur re cone. It worked, but you couldn’t push the volume. The new stuff handles great!!! I got 2 minutes playing in before my wife said I was done. ;)

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