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American Music Awards


I used to enjoy coming home and watching shows like this....

What the hell happened?

I feel like a grumpy old man with no tolerance for this bland as hell crap...

But on the plus side my Tuesday night bowling team has moved into first place.


Same here Hipbone. I generally don’t watch any award shows anymore and think that bowling may be a better use of time. Maybe getting older just makes us grumpier.


If you want good music, you gotta make it yourself.


Demographically, we're just not going to enjoy this type of thing anymore. We pretty much want bands, and singers with bands and some talent past looking good, or as foolish as is humanly possible.

It's become too political, to formulaic, and too much for the crowd that demands rap, hiphop, and pop. Pretty much nothing I personally listen to and I'm probably not alone. They have enough audience of who does listen to keep the shows going.


Now you know how your parents felt when you were 15.

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