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Album Covers With Gretsch Content


Chet always had the best girls:


That cover for Chet's "It's A Guitar World" must have been taken at the Gretsch factory. Anyone got the skinny on this? Look at the tags on the cutaway bouts; I thought those might be the serial#/model# tags but those weren't used on the Electrotone bodies...were they?


Chet always had the best girls:

– Otter

i'm sorry but for my personnal point of view the covers are most exciting than the music.


The Gretsch Pages compilation one and two!!!!


Didn't go back to the beginning, there were Gretch guitars on "The Gretsch Pages CD's Vol. 1&2". Whewwww, that goes back a few years.

– RandyS

Randy I just posted em!


Just out of curiosity, I've wanted to listen to Webster's Unabridged. Does anyone have a copy or know where it might be streamable?


I think they recorded in Abbey Road studio too. Maybe it is George's

– Heimen Flamman

Since it doesn't have white paint around the F-Holes it's not George's.


I just don't know. Something about this just seems ... WRONG!


A few months earlier:

– sascha

that one's not a Gretsch


Do inside gatefold covers count? Jimmy Johnson is playing a 6120 on the inside of Boz Scaggs' first solo album on Atlantic with the Muscle Shoals Swampers and Duane Allman. Also note Donna Jean Thatcher in the photo at the lower left corner. She became better known a few years later as Donna Jean Godchaux of the Grateful Dead, and is the link between Elvis and the Dead, as she sang backups on some Elvis recordings.


Well, this is a blast from my past... our 1986 album! My 63/64 Tenny on the cover( the guitar I got a few years earlier from my then-lead guitarist Geoff Stich!

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