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Album Covers With Gretsch Content


Since the last thread of Gretsch related album covers seems to have been lost in the crash I'd like to start a new one.

Only one rule it must have a Gretsch on it.


Ok, here they come...

– Deed Eddy

heh-heh... now Deed, how do we know that the case doesn't secretly contain a Guild??

(I know, I know... by the date of release of the album-- just funnin')


George's Gent(s) is /are seen on the cover of Beatles' Second Album and Something New. Also Willburys ... but on the back.


Best for last: a folk model in blue with a Falcon neck!!! "Songs for Pizza Lovers", hahahaha!!!


Always loved this one...

– Elliot Easton

Look at the righteous WIDE NECK on that Gent 12. I wish to heck we knew where it was. I believe a while back Norm states it's in a collection not too far out of the Chet orbit/sphere of influence. Another person speculated it may have slipped on over to Japan in the last 20 years. Will remortage the house for this one.


Anything and everything by Bo Diddley.

And Chuck Berry's 'After School Session', with a still from the Rock Rock Rock movie.

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