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Ahhh the joys of a hack job


On investigation of frozen pipes, the insulation contractor skimped on the second floor joists. Allowing cold air to freeze pipes ten feet in from outside wall. Reinsulated the joists and opened ceiling to allow melting. Then the entire neighborhood has lost water (Probably broken pump or main). Ugh.


Lawyer up! That's government level incompetence!


Got the pipes thawed. Got lucky. No cracks. Washing machine still frozen. Need flame thrower. Lol.


I feel for you Mun. My first Christmas in Sacramento was spent in a hotel thanks to frozen pipes overhead. Looked up one morning to see the “fishbowl” ceiling light fixtures filling up with water......effectively becoming fishbowls.

Shore it up and wait for spring.


No wonder we can't get water through it....it's got wiiirrrreeesss! Got the washer unfrozen. Can't believe that nothing broke. I had a clear path to the water main shut off just in case. Ripped holes in the ceiling, exposing the pipes, then rammed insulation into the joists to keep the cold out and let the heat melt the pipes. They were the new plastic rubbery kinda pipes with pex connectors. I guess they have some give or I got lucky and it was only in the slush phase. Then the whole neiborhood lost its water pump for a few hours. We were going to abandon ship and head to my house. Everything is up and running and gonna use supplemental heat in that area until I murder Elsa. I might just break her knees....I do love carving ice. All swell that ends well.


PEX piping is supposed to resistant to cracking if frozen. You got really lucky. You might want to look into pipe insulation.


And here is me sweltering through a forecast 40 deg C (104 F for your non-standard measurement kinda people ) day today. It is already 38.5 deg at 11 am.

I feel for your Dave; that type of cold is something that I don't really get to experience over here.


The pipes are impossible to get to without ripping up the floor above. If insulation can be applied(blown in) the cold will be six feet away from the pipes. It's a simple fix just got to get a contractor here to blow in rotten cotton. The whole heating bill should go down significantly. There is ice forming on the inside walls from condensation. Mary had this addition done in 09. The guys were overpriced butchers. Didn't fasten the insulation to the walls and in some spots that were hard to get,didn't install any at all.the floor joists have about two inches of blown in rotten cotton (shredded fiberglass). The pipes come up from basement in a wall and then were laid on top of insulation. A four inch gap that spans the second floor. A ridge vent and perforated eves provide ventilation but should not be allowed through the floor. The floor is so cold water will freeze on it. I plugged up one side in the eve. I have go cut holes in the other eves to gain access. Once this is insulated the floor should be room temp. Heated above and below.


Use blown in cellulose. Reasonably inexpensive. You can DIY with (free) rental gear from most home improvement stores. We did our attic two years ago---worth every penny.


Woke up to pipes frozen in different section. Ripped out more ceiling to allow heat to pipes. Jammed more insulation where I could. Have insulation contractor coming here tommorow for estimate. Mary is trying to move her stuff to allow access. Got two hours sleep. I'm getting punch drunk. Got water running again, gonna let it dribble. Got the house set at 80. Was -2 f here last night. At least the wind quit. Elsa, I'm gonna beat you up!


This sucks, Dave. Wishing you the best.


Use blown in cellulose. Reasonably inexpensive. You can DIY with (free) rental gear from most home improvement stores. We did our attic two years ago---worth every penny.

– wabash slim

Yeah, my dad and I did my house, rancher, two feet of insulation in ceiling. House is fiberglass in outside walls and the wrapped in tyvek,the 1/2foam board,then aluminum siding with foam backing. My home is pretty tight. Have geo thermal heat. My electric bill (heat included) is about 250.00 a month including animal water heaters and hot tub. We used a wood stove before the geo for 32 years with electric baseboard as backup.( if mom and dad went on a trip etc.). Mary's house is on a side of a mountain in poconos. It gets pretty windy here and house is large.


Consolations, that's no fun at all.

Good thing that you are handy, otherwise I would expect the damage to be much worse!


Hey Dave— with everything opened up you might consider the spray in foam either closed or open. While more expensive it is muchbetter at what it does..

I had it in my house in Missouri and it worked great.. when I was investigating it in 2005 I read it was a code standard in Ontario and Quebec. And can’t discuss pros and cons with you but I do know our house was really tight(to a fault) and my electric bill was seriously low winter and summer.


Thanks...got a pro insulator coming this week, seeking costs. I stuff 140 feet of attic cracks with fiberglass scraps the hacks left laying in dead spaces. Gonna leave the ceiling open until it gets warm outside. I've estimated the cost of the insulation and the rental, i just don't want to crawl on two by fours ever again. There's three windows I can't reach, a blower could,or foamer. It's about a 800 for cellulose at home store. Figure about four hours to get here from wherever they come from,and to, and about four hours to bind the fiberglass bats with metal retainers,and about two hours to blow in the cellulose. Rough idea of prices of labor and profit. Found three good reviewed contractors. Heat bill will be extra high this month, but that's not new for anyone around here. If pipes don't freeze tonight, I will consider it a win. After stuffing, I feel way less cold flow from the holes in the ceiling. Then I'm gonna hop in my car and drive to Florida to watch the falcon heavy from the cape.

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