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After 47-Years…


Wow- a day I honestly never saw coming... Joe, from the first time I met you (in writing, actually) it never dawned on me that the day might come when you will not be there to deal the odd helping hand when needed.

Your contribution to the overall brand is truthfully immeasurable, and while I have no doubts that the next "Joe" will be a wonderful man (or woman, for that matter), you certainly are leaving some very large boots to fill.

On the other hand, if there is anyone out there who thinks you have not earned some serious time off, they need to give their head a shake. It seems as though for the past decade or so, you've always been available whenever someone called. You've earned the retirement, no question.

Now, go out and enjoy it!!

Best wishes from both Karen and I, & if you ever find yourself in Victoria, call me, text me or whatever. We'll do "coffee".


Congrats. Happy retirement. It was a pleasure meeting you in Germany at the roundup. It will be remembered for sure as the white penguin acoustic I won is still played by me and my son proudly carrying your sign at the back of the headstock.


Congratulations Joe,you'll be missed sir!

But wait,who'll be manning the Bat phone now?!


RETIREMENT DAY ... Bittersweet at best. YOU can't wait to see what sleeping late and waking up without the stress of corporate responsibility feels like tomorrow, yet your "FANS" and coworkers can't imagine a day without you! But, YOU EARNED IT ... GO ENJOY IT! A trip to Cabelas/Bass Pro Shops to update your fishing and hunting gear is in order. Dust off the golf clubs and pickup a couple dozen balls, a few gloves and a new floppy hat. Make sure you have upgraded your TV Cable service, as you'll appreciate the new programming on Netflix/Hulu/Firestick/Disney Plus, etc. And put new strings on all your home guitars, because you'll be playing them alot now!

As a former Gretsch Employee (70's Baldwin Sales Mgr, under The Duke) I had occasion to witness management styles that varied from visionary to abysmal. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, we interacted thru email a few times and between that and observing your relationships with those of us on the GDP, I can honestly say ... GRETSCH is losing a visionary leader. Your outgoing persona and positive attitude has been a pleasure to behold, and the way you took issues that could have become negative and worked expeditiously to turn them positive proved you were one in a million. I hope you have a fun and exciting retired life in store and hope we continue to have you onboard the GDP for years to come.


You deserve the best Joe and congratulations! Rest, play, drink the wine and embrace the the menu as more good things are to come your way.

Be well sir...until next time!!!


Congrats Joe !

You're a part of so many many great memories for so many of us. Some tough shoes to fill, but I hope your successor has equal amounts of your grace, with, spirit, and energy.

And like Curt said -- see you soon!


Congrats, best wishes, and all my love to you, Joe! You were the first person I met at my Batlimore Roundup and you so kindly and graciously helped me unload my gear a few blocks away from the church where the Roundup was held and helped me haul the gear to the church. Not knowing what to expect, I brought a bit too much gear. I still seem to have the problem over the years but I think I'm getting a little better...

Anyhoo, all the best and thank you for your kindness and all your great work at Gretsch!


Joe, congratulations on your retirement. I can't think of anyone more deserving but the brand will definitely miss your touch and understanding of those of us that choose to play and enjoy that great Gretsch sound. I too hope that Fender can find someone with your appreciation for the differences between Gretsch and that other G brand (and I don't mean either Guild or G&L).

Enjoy your life but don't forget us. Now when you come to RoundUps you can relax and enjoy yourself full time! I am honored to call you friend.


Congratulations on beginning the next chapter in your life. How exciting. You have left an indelible mark on the Gretsch world and on our world. I hope you write that book, and anything else you now have the chance to do. I will miss your ever present energy and positivism.

A great memory for me is listening to you play my Caddy Green Duo Jet and my Princeton at a Roundup. I'm still trying to sound as great as that. And the Gretsch history quiz show! Thanks for the memories.

Curt (and you) said it best: Until next time. I hope to see you soon!


Joe, you are one of the most sincere people I have ever known. Congrats!! You have earned this.

If your ever in the north east let's do some bass fishin'. You got my number.


Congratulations and all the best for your new life Joe. If you are ever in Toronto and need a tour guide, shoot me a line; open invitation.


CarolCat and I have always been amazed at Joe's warmth and genuine friendship in the past dozen years or so. Not just a corporate face but a true friend who I'm sure we'll run into again, some way, some how.


Congratulations Joe! We spoke about retirement when I met you at Fender Headquarters in Scottsdale in 2017. We are the same age and at that time you said it was hard to retire when you love what you do. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision but you will love retirement. You have been a great ambassador for Gretsch and have played a major role in their success. Someone mentioned you should write a book if you do include your story about the time you were in charge of the Noel Redding signature Bass.

I wish you many years of health and happiness!


Thank you Joe! Drop us a line sometime!


Congratulations Joe! Every time our paths crossed at VLV, at Roundups and at NAMM your huge smile always put a huge smile on my own face. Enjoy your retirement and your well earned place in the Gretsch Pantheon.


To add to these stories, we met most memorably at psycho-billy / burlesque event in Coney Island several years ago. You may not remember but it’s definitely been a strange and unforgettable event in my mind.

I also got the impression that the work culture at Gretsch is super-positive, and due to your influence.

Years later you also handed me a White Falcon acoustic that I won at a Gretsch event in Brooklyn. Thanks again!!

Like others, “congratulations” and “sorry to hear that” at the same time!



Joe, I wrote many of my congratulatory and laudatory thoughts on Facebook, but I kept them fairly general, since most of those who might read them wouldn't know what the heck I was talking about were I to wax specific. It's different here.

I want to thank you for the past dozen years. My favorite guitar brand was a niche player when you arrived––a good niche and the guitars were so well-made, to be sure––but the public awareness was not strong; and many people, even many guitarists, were unaware that Gretsch was making guitars (I used to hear that a lot). You pulled Gretsch into the 21st century, with both product ideas that spoke to guitarists old and young, and your tireless commitment to building, promoting, and maintaining a community of Gretsch devotees. Yes, Bax laid a foundation here, but you could have ignored it in favor of a corporate approach. Instead, you embraced and nurtured it, expanded it to places where the GDP had no significant presence (like Viva Las Vegas and Abbey Road on the River). I were gobsmacked watching you work and make friends while you were doing it, and I only saw you for... what, maybe 10-15 days a year? And I know you were doing it every day, every weekend, all that time. I saw probably less than 5% of what you did in marketing.

You certainly supercharged my affection for Gretsch guitars; and I am grateful for your advocacy for us left-handed players and the remarkable––absofückinglutely remarkable–– product range that you made available for us when you were running both manufacturing and marketing. I am not ashamed to state that I own (and treasure) an example of almost every lefty Professional Series model that was offered during your tenure (save for a BillyBo and a Penguin).

I am endlessly grateful for all the hard work you did for the Balto-DC Roundups. You made my little parties rock in ways I never could have on my own, and your work pushed me to make everything as good as I could.

To say nothing of all the other Roundups I attended, in Nashville, Kingston (Ontario, Canada), and numerous little burgs in New Jersey. They were all fun and very rewarding experiences. I got to do things and play music with people I never would have dreamed of playing with.

I will also take the liberty of thanking you on behalf of the long line of guitarists at the annual Abbey Road on the River event, whose balky guitars (not all of them Gretsches, mind you) you repaired, adjusted, and brought up to speed so that they could give the best performances they could. I will never forget you taking on a rental (from a local shop in Louisville, KY) Electromatic Jet that Javier Ojeda was struggling with in 2015. He came to me after the first night and said, "I love this guitar, but I can't keep it in tune. What can I do?" He was panicking, because he was essentially stuck with that guitar for the five days of the event (didn't bring his own guitar, as he lives in Bogotá, Colombia). "Let's get it in Joe's hands," I replied. Being a rental, it was not expertly maintained (I'm being kind), and (among other issues) the strings were strung UNDER the tension bar of the B5 Bigsby. It was a mess and we got it to you fairly late in the evening, but you got everything squared up in time for Javier's early afternoon show the next day. Running it (literally!) to Javo just in time was quite the adventure.

And more from Abbey Road: your embrace of Javier, Danilo Fiani of Brazil, and Peter Conrad, placing them on the roster of endorsed artists, made a difference in their music careers. If they were here on the GDP, they'd tell you so. The association means so much to them, both personally and professionally.

I'm writing about a sliver of what I saw of a sliver of a sliver of your work. Oh my goodness, yes, there's a book to be written about your career. If you need an editor, you know my number.


PS: now you have more time to fool around with guitars.


Congratulations and best of health to you, Joe, and thanks again for your recent assistance off board -- had I known you were trying to clear out your desk, I wouldn't have bothered you!


Congratulations, Joe!

Like many here, I was fortunate enough to have a chance to see you in action when I purchased my 6128-TCG and it was an object lesson in how to do customer service right. Gretsch could not have asked for better.

Looking forward to seeing you around here more often!


Congratulations Joe, I hope you enjoy retirement as much as you seemed to enjoy working!


End of an era. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement Joe.


Your a Rock Star Carducci !!!!!!! I've been lucky enough to have witnessed you take Gretsch from it's infancy at Fmic at a time when most didn't get it, to launching it into the Stratosphere known today, How was this done ? By supporting Gretsch round-ups, Gretsch events, Gretsch Day's, connecting the community together, at most times deciding production, supporting the Retailers, supporting the players, supporting the customers, and even creating the incredible Gretsch catalogs. I can't count how many days you worked 24 hours straight into the next day. I even recall a pre namm show seeing you at 5:00 at night after working non stop from the day before and saying to me... I think i didn't eat today..... TOTAL DEDICATION !!! Nobody else could have done near what you have. I could never thank you enough for your friendship, love, support, and motivation. God Bless ....... you have more than earned your retirement, Start up that boat, get the bait on the pole, and go fishing ..... Love You Rocky


Very few people can be considered irreplaceable. You are one of this special group.


Thank you for everything you have done to keep Gretsch guitars going well into the 21st century. You are a class act. Cheers.

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