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After 47-Years…


Every time I've been around Joe and it's time to go he never said good bye, it's always until next time, so until next time Joe!


you should write a book. seriously.


Good for you Joe. What a ride. Enjoy retirement.


huge Congrats Joe. It's been a pleasure getting to meet you. Your enthusiasm and congenial demeanor are part of what drew me even more to appreciate Gretsch guitars. Enjoy this new adventure in your life. Cook more, write a book and hey start a band. Your a mean guitarist!


Thanks for all you've done for Gretsch and for us. I never had the chance to meet you, but everything I've ever heard about you has been glowing praise. One couldn't ask for a better reputation than that. I hope you've trained your successor to be as customer oriented as you have been. Enjoy retirement, you've earned it. I know that you'll continue to show up at Round Ups. You've got the music in your blood, and that'll never go away. Enjoy!


You are a class act, Sir and leave some mighty big shoes to fill. I wish you and your family the absolute best.


Congratulations, Joe !!!

47 years ? wow ! that's a long time. there are members here that aren't that old. Joe, I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you better. oh, and working with you getting that one Minnesota Roundup put together. I hope that Fred does something special for you. maybe a Joe Carducci model Gretsch. ha ha if you ever get back up here in Minnesota, please get in touch. again, congratulations on your retirement. you've earned it !


Congratulations my friend! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and for bringing me into this great family. As I’ve said before, they should erect a statue of you at FMIC for all you have done! Enjoy your retirement!!


Not sure I’ve ever met a nicer, more genuine person than Joe. The way you approached your “job” was such a joy to watch. Life will continue to shine on you, because you my friend, light up what ever room you step into! Enjoy this beautiful world in your retirement!


maybe a Joe Carducci model Gretsch

the Joe C. Or perhaps the Big Joe.


Congratulations! Thank you for all the hard work you have done for our favorite guitar brand. I always enjoyed seeing clips on youtube where you brought your enthusiasm to promote Gretsch guitars. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Euro Roundup in Witten, Germany a few years ago, and to experience the positivity and enthusiasm in real life! Also, it was an honor to share the stage and in the end give you a ride back to the hotel, haha. Good times and fond memories.

Anyway, enjoy your well earned retirement and go live life to the fullest!


Enjoy your retirement Joe -- you have certainly earned. Thank you for all your contributions to this forum and for working wonders promoting the Gretsch brand.


Thank you for the positive impact you've had in the music business and the generosity of spirit you've shown to so many musicians. Happy retirement!


Wow and congrats! You’ve earned it. Fred will have to search high and low to find someone even close to replacing you. Your enthusiasm, knowledge, approachability, and friendliness have been a major part of Gretsch’s success imo. I vote yes to the book and guitar suggestions. And please attend some round ups.


Joe my brutha, it’s my heartfelt wish to you that your retirement brings you the same degree of joy that your work brought to you.

I really hope our paths will continue to cross.

Sincere congratulations and like Charlie Watts said of John Bonham.....“We’ll not get another of him.”

Thank you for everything.


Nothing I can add to this, except THANK YOU Joe, for all you've done. You played a big role in my marriage proposal to my wife Amy at the 2013 Nashville Roundup, and you also helped her in locating and procuring my dream Gretsch Country Club as a surprise gift for my 50th birthday.

You have made a huge impact on the lives of others, not only in terms of guitars, but in terms of friendship and as an incredible ambassador of goodwill.

Congratulations. I have no doubt that you will live your retirement years to their fullest.

You've come a very long way from working in the Fender factory-- pressing frets into a Telecaster neck!


I've always loved your contributions and generous spirit. Enjoy your new life!


Back in 2012 when I bought my holy grail G6128T-DSV Duo Jet from Rocky I remember emailing you about some issues that in the end were attributed to my lack of knowledge about my new guitar and most definitely not any defect in the immaculate guitar itself. Still, you responded with empathy, professionalism and integrity vowing to make whatever my perceived issues were right. You sent me some Gretsch strings and a Gretsch guitars garage shirt that I still love to wear as consolation. I've received so many compliments on that shirt from people that aren't even musicians. It's just cool. You didn't have to do that and I definitely did not deserve them. I do however really appreciate it. I really appreciate how you handled your position. You love these guitars as much as we do. You are a guy like us who was handed the reigns to represent Gretsch guitars to the world. How great is that? Once I got my guitar dialed in, set up and eventually hot rodded to my liking it is MY guitar, the one I will keep if all other guitars have to go. It defines my sound, it plays just like I want it to play and it inspires me to be a better player and through that a better person. I will forever be happy to say that my Gretsch Duo Jet was made during the Joe Carducci era. People will know what that means.

I had the pleasure of briefly meeting you at a few of the winter NAMM shows in Anaheim but I don't expect you to remember me since each time you were surrounded by many people. Your patience is a virtue! I was also extremely fortunate to be able to attend the Cliff Gallup concert featuring Jeff Beck, Duane Eddy and Cousin Harley. I also want to thank you for that most amazing night that I will forever cherish.

I wish you well on your new adventures. May God bless you Sir!


Joe, congratulations on a stellar career, and deepest gratitude for all you've done for the Gretsch family --- from your championing of the brand to your setting the bar for customer service to your amazing ambassadorship worldwide. I wish you much happiness and fulfillment in retirement --- and hope to see you again sometime, some way.

Here's hoping there will be more RoundUps in the future, and that you get to enjoy some of them as a participant without having to do all the planning that goes with them!

Who knows, maybe you'll even win a guitar!


Congratulations Joe! Enjoy your retirement!

(I always think of you when I play my Rhodes. )


Not the greatest news for Gretsch customers, but congrats to you Joe! By all accounts, it's been richly earned.

Between Mike Lewis and Joe, Gretsch fans have been pretty spoiled for the last 17 years. It's like being a Packers fan and going from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. Could we strike paydirt with the next face of Gretsch? Let's hope so.


Enjoy your retirement Joe. Now, as I told you about 5 years ago at the Guitar Corner in Canada, , you have the resources to write the book.

Be well and take care.


I once asked you Joe, How do you do it? All the traveling and the Nonstop endless days of work, week in and week out... and with a smile on your face you said, "I Love it man".

Ive never met a more dedicated , harder working man in my Life. Gretsch was very fortunate to have you in their Lineup, and so were WE.

Whatever the next chapter is in your Life, I know you will do it with the same gusto. Congrats on the Retirement Brother!


Congratulations Joe, continued successes in whatever you do from here on out. I want to thank you for everything you have done for Gretsch and all the Roundups through out the years. You are a legend! all the best to you and your family take care Joe!

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