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Would you like money donations to obtain tools and ship them together rather than a bunch of people sending them separately?


Curt I understand what you are saying. That's why I say small businesses shouldn't have to cough up expensive gifts. I thought there might be left over materials in guitar related shops. I think your knowledge would be way more valuable but we can't just copy that and ship it. You need your time in your shop too and I at the moment I don't know what to ask of you. I also think my fuzzy thinking doesn't help here. You're certainly no ass. Maybe I am, for not having a plan.

Raising money might be the best option, as Don suggests. But somehow it also seems silly since people are starving in other places.

I saw the Christmas thread were we all swap stuff we don't need. That made me think how it would be if we just send it to Patron. It's all just fantasy.

If I had been wealthy I would have fixed things over there. I might get Patron a webshop from SquareSpace. They are considering to donate a site. Something like that might be more useful. Anyway, it all didn't work out like I imagined and the topic can be locked.


Geoff, I understand that you want to help but I think you need to lead by example. Perhaps list everything you and the people that were messaging me, people that I don't know telling me that I was obliged to help, When I asked what items they sent they wouldn't answer.


Also, I don't know what knowledge he needs, he seems to be building fine guitars. If he has specific questions I'd be happy to help him out.


Patron's life is going through big changes. He and his family now live in Adelaide, Australia. So far he had an extremely warm welcome (only one hater in the train) and he has been invited to play at a festival. The BBC has discovered his story and is currently planning an interview. So, I won't be asking for guitar stuff no more.


Those smiles say it all! Welcome to a new life, Patron!


Tommy Emmanuel and Patron met in Australia.


Imagine having to live here over a decade.


And that, when you used to live here, in Bukavu the green capitol city of Congo.


Patron is now working in the Australian meat industry. It's a dangerous job, where you got to be careful not to cut your fingers. He has to travel very far to get to work and he had a really bad car crash already which he survived due to some divine miracle. Somebody told him car insurance was more or less optional. This caused problems of course but it seems a solution will be found.

Meanwhile, the luthier talent is still there!

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