Duane Eddy's House of Twang

TAVO! Just saw this on Twitter.


Did Duane take it?Thanks for sharing that, I'll repost! so cool


None of our doing. Taken by the poster, who went to the show in Frome, England.


Just wonderful......seems like a great "One Stomp Shop" to get a great Duane sound... Thank the TechWorld for A/D and D/A dividers..giving us billions of audion-options not possible in the 1950's with Analog...when Duane's only Stomp Peddle was a De-arm-ment peddle with a motor wiggling a 500k ohm pot...and any room echo/reverb which he loved. Nice photo too.


I think I posted this after the gig.

June 26, 2011 at The 100 Club London - "Duane MkII".

I'd love to know the background to the evolution of the board.


Short story.

Duane brings his Tremolo and Nocturne Dyna Brain with him to England. Gordon White, brilliant Guitar Fettler of the Universe, takes care of Duane's guitars on the tour. He builds the board, adds the tuner, and Bob is most definitely your uncle!


That's very cool! I like the knob layout on the tape. Great idea.


So much behind the unique Eddy sound. - That sound will never be emulated !

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