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A veteran left behind.


My friend and neighbor is in the hospital. He is a a Vietnam vet. 1st Cav. for years the V.A. has been treating him but not doing enough. I called for a welfare check for him on Friday. He refused help. Sunday he called 911 and when they got there he changed his mind. Monday he called again and went to the hospital. His kidneys and his heart are failing. Had he gone to a proper doctor he might be just fine. He may not live much longer. I am taking care of his dog and other neighbors have his birds. He is my friend of 16 years. He is a decorated veteran. His name is Peter.

As his health deteriorated simple tasks became impossible. We are getting a dumpster to rid the house of the many trash bags accumulated inside. The flies are overbearing.

We can afford to do this and more but I am calling out to any military veterans.

If you want to help contact me at jeberg at ptd dot net.


Wishing Peter and you well. Does your local VFW provide any guidance on support in your area?


We Americans are all beneficiaries of his service, not just veterans. I’ll PM you.


Very sad. Sending prayers.


I'm very saddened to hear about your friend Peter, bonds between Soldiers/Marines/Sailors/Airmen and Veterans are very deep. I have experience with the VA medical system, some good but overwhelmingly bad. Often, the system seems to address symptoms rather than the root cause. It can take months to get even a simple medical problem addressed. AMVETS and DAV may be a good resources for you to consider, I've seen them step in on similar situations as this. I'll make a few calls and see what additional help is available. It is distressing to hear of yet another Honorable Veteran who has been neglected by the system.


Thanks all. My wife is his health proxy and visits every day. She's there right now. I'm calling the V.F.W. tomorrow.

The GDP is really stepping up on this one. It warms my heart to know that people really do care.

I hate asking for help but I'm glad that I did.


Well, we just got the call. Peter passed away at the hospital. Thanks to all who donated but I guess we don't need it now so I'll send refunds tomorrow. Now we have to find his son somewhere in NYC. There is no will so I'm sure it will be a sticky mess.

This sucks.


That does suck, but at least at the end he had people like yourself around him that cared.


That is very sad. And I’m glad Peter had you as a friend, Horrible to think there is not care for vets. Strangely i am in vietnam at the moment. He’d be so happy that you have his dog


I appreciate your efforts on the behalf of a fellow vet. I only wish I could've helped as well.


Despite having a defense budget larger than the next seven countries combined, veterans make up 16% of our homeless, with millions more needing substantial medical assistance. The money is there, the political will to do it is lacking. Get after your Senator and representatives.


I'm very saddened for your loss, please accept my sincere condolences. EDIT: Thank you for taking care of Peter over the years, and for helping with sorting out his final affairs. God bless you.


Sorry to see this. Was this the neighbor directly across the street? I remember someone from Grumpfest 2017 but don’t recall seeing him this year. Regardless, condolences.


Sorry to hear the Bad News, No one wants to spend the end their life in dire straits. Good to know you were there to help out in the End.

R.I.P. Peace Brother.


I sent all the donations back. Let me know if I missed you. We found his son in the Bronx and he is here. He has given me all of Peters tools and yard equipment. I mention this because it is quite a lot. Peter was a gear and gadget addict and most things are in brand new condition so I'm honored and overwhelmed.

Baba Joe, that's the guy. Short, opinionated, loud voiced great guy.

We are putting his ashes in our lake. That's what he wanted. He'll be with me every time I go fishing.


So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. We owe veterans everything, and can never repay them... the VA has been a disaster for many decades unfortunately. It really burns me up that members of Congress get a gold-plated lifetime healthcare plan, but vets have to settle for the VA. Makes me want another revolution- a FRENCH-style one this time. I have about ZERO use for politicians of any ilk these days. It truly is a swamp and needs to be drained - sterilized- somehow.

Also sorry I missed this post, I haven't been around here too often lately.


I am sorry to learn of your loss, John. You certainly made a difference in that soldier's life. We GDPers are constantly reminded of your compassion and empathy. I am proud to know you.


Just trying to help a friend. Spent four days cleaning the house and emptied two rooms so far. Enough trash to fill two or three 20 yard dumpsters. Inches of mouse droppings covering the floors. Millions of fleas. Roaches. Human waste. Rotting food.

How did this happen to my friend? Why didn't he ask for help after I offered so many times? I had no idea that it had gotten so bad. I was over helping him with his car a few months ago and he said nothing about his living conditions.

What the hell?

Go out, find a veteran. Help.

They may be to proud to ask.

I am so depressed right now.


Found his service medals yesterday. Purple Heart, Bronze Star.

What the hell?

Better care for Veterans is a must. Don't think about it. Don't debate it. Just friggen do it.


John, I believe that Peter may have been suffering from depression. It can manifest itself in many ways, and this is one of them. It happens little by little, and by the time it's starting to look like this, it's causing a great deal of shame. It's an odd thing, I've seen this myself, several times.

I had a friend named Paul, a next door neighbor (for 9 years), who was living in a situation much like you described. He never invited me into his house, or anybody else that I knew of, the entire time I knew him. He suddenly passed away, his son gave me the news while I was getting out of my car after work one day. His son asked me if I knew how his dad was living, I wasn't sure what he was talking about. He said "let me show you".

We went into the house and I saw a very similar condition to what you described. His son told me that his dad had been suffering from depression for many years, and had stopped inviting him and his brother into his home many years prior to his death. He had also been battling lung cancer for several years and had told no one.

I had a great "over the fence relationship with Paul, and I was invited to his funeral. Much to my surprise, they had laid out his Marine Corp service awards. It was a very impressive display and included multiple bronze and silver stars. In the 9 years I knew him, he had only mentioned that he had in the military one or two times. The fact was that he was achieved the rank of Major, after receiving a field commission in Vietnam, during one of his three tours.

My own grandmother was living in a similar condition, that had began after my grandfather died. The family got together and pulled a dumpster out front and filled it up.

I believe that it happens very slowly at first, then hits a point where it's so bad, the person just gives up, and the pace picks up exponentially. My grandmother passed away about 15 years ago, fortunately my father made sure that she died in a reasonably clean home. Depression is a difficult to understand sometimes, unless we suffer it ourselves. I believe that it's not just feeling sad all the time, but more like feeling hopeless.

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