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A “Shout Out” to JBGretschguy”………Thanks Josh


About a year and a half ago, I sent my little Fender Bronco (VibroChamp) chassis to Josh for a check up and servicing.

He checked everything out, and installed a larger 8ohm output transformer. He tested it out, said it sounded great, and had tons of sustain. He thought that I would be very happy with it.

Great turnaround time, very fair price, and outstanding workmanship. Can't ask for more.

Well, long story short, many things in life got in the way, and the chassis pretty much just sat in the corner, until last week.

Finally, got all the other parts from this very long term project all together, and got everything assembled. New cab with a 12" speaker, new faceplate, and good old tubes that I had stashed away.

Boy Howdy, was Josh ever right. This is one NICE sounding little Fender now. Couldn't ask for more for a lower power, big sounding amp.

Hopefully JB, you didn't think that I was ignoring you and your work, or unhappy with anything. This little feller is just killer because of you.

A BIG Thank You Josh, much appreciated, and as happy as can be.


It is nice when there is someone who does high-quality work who is also a high-quality person. It's the best of both worlds.


I agree, Ric. I have two Josh creations, 40w Blues Jr. and a Partscaster. They are the best gear I own...and he's an awesome person.


Josh has done a lot of amp work for me. He built the legendary Lawrenceville, rebuilt my 66 Super Reverb and will be working on my 65 Deluxe soon. There's a lot of passion going into those amps and we're lucky to have him on the pages.


And he's an awesome guy too.


Sending a big shout out to Josh.

He hadn't built or repaired an amp for me yet, he's just a cool mutha smurfer.


I too agree — JB did great work on my '66 Vibrolux and his custom build of a Tweed Deluxe clone with reverb is a work of art. While attending the Nashville Roundup, he even made a Billy Zoom wiring mod for me — for my Re-301 space echo. He just did it as a gift, I didn't even ask!

The best components, super detailed, super fine builds. As we used to say at school in New York, "he really knows his onions."


Ok Josh, time to appear. When are you off to Guatemala so I can start worrying? ; )


Whew! I step away for a bit, and this is what happens? Seriously, though - thank you guys. You are all way beyond friends to me! I have learned so much here, been extended every kindness imaginable, and had some of the best times of my life with you folks.


Deed, I leave March 14 and come back on the 22nd. We are so excited to get out there and get to work!


Be safe Josh, and hopefully some day our "dusty trails" can cross paths, and we can finally meet one on one.

Thanks again


Josh= Class Act!


I hope our paths do cross, and soon! In the mean time, any time I can be of help to any of you, please reach out. We have one heck of a family here. Thank you for all of your kind words!


Hey Josh, Give us a reminder before you leave. I want to keep you in my prayers. Yes, we do have a great family here.


I sure will, Dave! And Deke - in case the email doesn't come through - Thank You so much to you and Rachel. I hope that this is the year that we get to see you again!!


Hey Josh, Give us a reminder before you leave. I want to keep you in my prayers. Yes, we do have a great family here.

– Suprdave

Count me in for that wish too as I want to send you off with prayers and good wishes.


It's great when a project like this goes so well. The broncos are great sounding amps would love to hear one with a lil more iron and a 12

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