Miscellaneous Rumbles

A couple of office pics with the boss.


Violet was on fall break and got to ride with me in the combine.


Now that's the life, Don!......a job like yours and a boss like Violet! It just doesn't get any better than that.


she sure is growing up fast, Don.

I've been out of pocket lately. how was this year's harvest ? bumper crop ?


Enjoy your time with her. They grow up awfully fast. I suspect she enjoys her time with you. In 60 years, she'll be telling her grandkids about you and the farm.


The photo of Violet standing on the combine, with the glorious clouds behind her, will be a memory for the ages. Absolutely beautiful.


Those are great! Sure makes work a lot less like work, don't it?


Wonderful!! -- Both the photos and the life!

Thanks (again) for sharing, farmerbrown!


Great pics and thanks for sharing. Travel those fields safely and hope that the harvest is GOOD.


Great photos farmerbrown, I look forward to seeing pictures of you at the office. This one is special, the boss is riding with you, what fun!


Thanks for the nice comments everybody!

Brent, most of the fields are making right around 200 bu/ac., worst has been 180 and finished one today that made 194 bu/ac.

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