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25 Years Ago


My wife and I were married on October 10, 1992.

I'd it all over again in a heartbeat.


Happy Anniversary, Dr.!


From here too. That's a worthy achievement there.


May you have 25 more!

– Windsordave

According to mortality data, a 54 year old male in average health has a life expectancy of about 25 years, so I'm counting on it!


From here too. That's a worthy achievement there.

– Proteus

only 33% of marriages make it 25 years. Only 5% make it fifty years.

The longest ongoing marriage in the US a few years ago was 85 years, he was 103, she was 101. A reporter asked to what did she attribute their longevity. She replied, "Separate televisions." (That was my in-laws strategy and my wife and I seem to be following it too. )


Congrats, kids! We just hit our 42nd.


Congrats to a 33%er from a 5%er!


I'm happy for you. I made 8 miserable years the first time and 3 months the second time. I don't plan on a third time.


For giggles.

Me and the wife at 25 yrs. I was leading the pit orch for Snow White, hence the set up and get up.

Fifteen years ago... I'm a little wider and a little greyer now. Karen looks just as good as she always has. Unfair, that.

Congrats, Doc! After you hit the 30 year mark, it starts to go by really fast!! Can't believe this year was our 40th!!


Here's a hint for longetivity---get great in-laws!


Congrats, good for you guys. Mrs. Bonedaddy and I hit 26 this year.


Happy anniversary!


Last Friday marked 29 for my better half and me. The pic is from 1980, on the way to High School Prom.


Congratulations, Next year will make 42 for the missus and me. My Brother and his wife celebrate 44 this month and my sister and her husband will celebrate 52 later this month as well.


Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Jim and the rest of you who have celebrated wonderful milestones!


Congrats! We just hit 20 years of life in common with my wife (and 8 years marriage). That's already more than we spent with our parents!


Gosh all you guys are great! Happy Anniversary Doc! In just 3 days we will hit 23 years. That gives me 45 years time in service and 23 years time in grade... This second stint has been wonderful.


I love this thread. Congratulations, you folks. Really great!


congratulations, Jim and his better half. Happy 25th Anniversary !

I had just moved up here to Minnesota the May before that October of '92. my wife and I have been married 24 years this past June.


Congrats to all of you!


Dec 31, 1976. Almost 42 years.

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