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2020…What happened?


January 2020 was bad for me health wise. Fortunately, the year got better with each passing month with the exception of Covid-19 which neither I nor my immediate family got. We had the same impacts like most people but got through it. The highlight for me was the March NJ get together. Couldn’t make the Fall one. Looking forward to a good 2021.

– Baba Joe

Joe, it was great to see you in NJ last March. Glad you are felling better.


2020 kinda sucked for me. Between COVID lockdowns, a recalcitrant private testing facility and just the general busy-ness of our Canadian system, an "inoperable" cancer diagnosis was not confirmed until over halfway through the year.

(Please note that "inoperable" is not "terminal", a mistake many folks make and made with myself. I plan on living with this little tumor fella for some years, yet, whacking him down with whatever new tech pops up in the meantime. In the words of the Texan in Duke's "True Grit", 'I ain't dead yet, Marshall!')

So I am now dealing with the residual effects of heavy doses of both chemo and radiation, but am otherwise in not bad shape, and my prognosis is currently as long as seven years, so we are moving on as best we can (but we can't go far, as I go back on reduced chemo later this month to help persuade my little backpacker to continue to shrink)

Meantime, we moved- a big job after 33 years of "Collecting" stuff (I refuse to call it "hoarding") and by Christmastime we were all but settled into the new place.

Also- guitar playing, the occasional swap and the odd jam session continue, plus I am still writing and arranging both my own stuff (modern symphonic) and other folks' whenever they need it.

2021 has to be better.


My Dad died in January

Lost my job in April

Started playing and writing again in April

Bought a new acoustic with the 1st stimulus $ in May

Played a FB live solo gig in August

Severed two tendons in my left thumb with a pocket knife in October

Landed a contract job in November

Started playing again in December

Closed on a house near Durango on December 11th

Moved to Bayfield, CO on Dec 19th

Thems the highandlowlights . . .


The event happened, but as the event was a sin of omission, as it were - an absence rather than a presence, there was nothing to miss. You missed an absence of presence.

Thanks to whatever-tech-tech, the GDP was down for over 24 hours. Since no one could post during that time, when the site came back up, the list of topics-updated-in-the-last-day was empty.

That seemed disorienting, so I found topics I had commented on in the last 48 hours (to get the last active day, see), and bumped them back into the last-24 list. If you missed all of this, you missed nothing. Because nothing is what transpired on the GDP on the 2nd (more or less...the outage spanned a midnight).

– Proteus

I blame Y2K.


a brief clarification: what i have (or apparently have) is Bipolar Disorder 2, which is not the same as the classic image of "manic depression." i don't go off on speed-freakesque sleepless tangents that last a week or more, or spend every cent i have on useless crap while on a run. well, i do spend a lot on guitar stuff, but that's not "crap," right? rather than raging-full-on mania. my infrequent excessive upswings are a mildly elevated state not unlike taking a small quantity of a psychedelic drug. i've only ever had those this fall and winter, but the sudden unexpected change scared me so i went in to be re-evaluated. that's enough about my brain. i just didn't want people to think that i spend all my time raving and drooling. i mean, in normal times i work in an office full of people, some of whom are relatively normal.

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